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Zefal Bigfoot Bicycle Pump

by Zefal
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Zefal Bigfoot Bicycle Pump

The Zefal Bigfoot Foot Pump features an easy-to-read 100-psi/7 bar maximum pressure gauge. It also has a large, heavy-duty steel barrel for quick, high-volume inflation. This foot pump is made to be used with bicycle tires and other inflatable items. It comes with an inflation needle for use with yoga balls and multiple types of sports balls, such as basketballs, soccer balls and footballs. The Zefal foot pump allows you to pump air into multiple tire sizes. It comes with a Schrader pump head with an alternate Presta valve adapter, giving you the ability to work with the two most common air stems that are fitted onto bicycle tires. Its long hose design can even help you access a hard-to-reach air stem. Zefal Bigfoot Foot Pump:

  • Oversized steel barrel for high-volume inflation
  • Schrader pump head with Presta valve adapter
  • This Zefal foot pump has a long hose design for improved access to most air stems
  • Easy-to-read 100 psi/7 bar max pressure gauge
  • This bicycle foot pump also includes an inflation needle for use with sports balls