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HP Velotechnik Gekko fx 26

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BIG wheels for the entry-level rider. Gekko fx 26 - not for purists only! This is a Speed-Trike with racy notchback.

The driving dynamic of a 26 inch wheel in the trikes tail is unique. Whoever has discovered that once will not miss out this experience in the future. "Size matters" is what the experts call this fact. Nevertheless our "Big Wheeler" from the entry-level remains highly handily: When folding the trike no part has to be dismantled. That means, your three-wheeled speedster is folded in roundabout 10 seconds and fits in almost any car trunk!

Sporty and energetic or reliable travelling companion? You can choose: The Gekko fx 26 is just as versatile as all the vehicles from our recumbent manufactory in Kriftel. Whether puristic for highspeed-manouvres or equiped with fenders, rack and our special comfort options: You have got the choice and we will built up the trike you desire!

HP Velotechnik Gekko 26

The large 26 inch rear wheel provides the Gekko fx 26 with the crucial Plus of dynamic propulsion. The advantages are clear: with the slender drive section behind the cockpit comfortable driving characteristics increase perceptibly. Key points are smooth running, less rolling resistance and easy rolling over obstacles.

Impressive: the elegant notchback. The powerful, curved seat stay appears to transfer the power directly into the pilots seat of your trike. The long wheelbase in combination with the dynamically swept forward cross members give the large Gekko fx 26 it's own prominent language of design.

Hp Gekko 26 folding trike

The compact, smooth-running wheels are optimized for the high side forces on the tricycle. The black anodized HP Velotechnik tricycle rims with rugged aero hollow section combine excellent directional stability, maximum lateral stiffness and low weight for quick acceleration. Wide, highly resilient tires with puncture protection. Further details are the hubs by HP Velotechnik with maintenance-free, sealed precision ball bearings and the rust-proof stainless steel spokes.

Wider is better: The wider the track width, the higher is the tilt stability and the faster your trike is when cornering. For this purpose the broad track of 78 cm (30 3/4") of the Gekko provides a lot of room between the wheels for your hands on the wide handlebars, allowing much wider steering angle for a small turning circle of just 4.25 m (167"). To enable your trike to slip casually through doors and gates, HP Velotechnik has developed narrow hubs for a low total width of only 83 cm (32 3/4").

*Please note, at this time, all recumbent sales are in-store only. If you purchase a recumbent via our website, you must call to schedule pick-up. We are happy to discuss local delivery options throughout New Jersey only.