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Bar End Shifter Micro Mount

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"Well now, that's a clever little thing!" We tend to hear that a lot about this little mount. It replaces the special bolt on the fixed (non lever) side of your bar end shifter and adds a nice little spot to attach smallish things like motor controls, cycle computers, and electronic shifter buttons. The outside diameter is 7/8" (22.2mm), so all kinds of standard bike things can go there. We make different versions for Shimano, Microshift, and SRAM shifters, because, of course, they are all different. We also make them in short and regular lengths, to match what you need to put there. They are machined from a solid bar and hollowed out for lightness and in case you wanted to put something in them. (Hint: our Handlebar Accessory Mount Clamps just happen to fit perfectly inside the Regular length). A plastic cap is included in case you only want to attach things on the outside.


1. Clever! How does it work?

On the Shimano and Microshift, the Micro Mount has a machined arm that exactly matches the shape of the special threaded nut (the long thin one with the two flats on it) that holds the shifter together. You simply unscrew the bolt through the shifter, slide the nut out, and slide in the Micro Mount. You don't even have to take the shifter apart, just unscrew the bolt, and while holding things in place, slide in the Micro Mount and tighten it. On SRAM shifters, you remove the tapered bolt and replace it with the Micro Mount. The new bolt inside the Micro Mount holds things together.

2. Which side can I put it on?

The Micro Mounts can go on both front and rear bar end shifters. The important thing is that they need to go on the fixed side of the shifter (the side that has the arm coming up from where the shifter attaches down inside the handlebars). They can't attach to the side where the shifter arm itself is. We tried to figure out something that would work there, but we couldn't, the way the mechanisms work there was no way to do it. So, fixed side only it is.

A note to ICE trike riders:ICE generally mounts their bar end shifters so that you push forward for the lower gears, and pull back for the higher gears. This puts the fixed side (where the Micro Mounts need to go) on the OUTSIDE of your handlebars. Since your hands come up the outside of the handlebars to go from the brakes to the shifters and back, having the mount on the outside would be in the way. It would also put things like throttle controls on the outside where they aren't easy to operate with your thumb. The solution is simple- turn the shifters around. It'll take a short bit to get used to it, but like driving on the right vs the left, it will feel perfectly natural after a while.

3. What can I put there?

Pretty much any small thing made to mount to a handlebar. The Micro Mounts aren't very big (on purpose!) at either 15mm or 30mm long, but they are just right for thumb throttles, motor controller buttons, cycle computers, etc.


  • Short versions are 15mm (0.6in) long. Long versions are 30mm (1.2in) long. Both are 22.2mm (7/8in) outside diameter (the standard handlebar size). All are CNC machined 6061T6 aluminum, black anodized. The inside is hollowed out to 18.9mm (0.74in).
  • Fits any bike or trike with Shimano, Microshift, or SRAM Bar End Shifters.