Originating from New Zealand, UBCO is a global company that focuses on powering your purpose with modern battery-boosted utility bikes. UBCO bikes feature lightweight ruggedness and exceptional performance. Urban cyclists and weekend adventurers alike benefit from these products’ all-wheel-drive and high-torque abilities. Ubcorp electric bikes are a joy to ride anywhere and everywhere, and standard models are perfect for off-road rides or road-ready commutes.

Voltaire Cycles carries an assortment of UBCO work and adventure e-bikes for sale, including UBCO 2x2 electric bikes that will power your way through any environment. We ship our online selection of UBCO electric bikes and accessories nationwide, so our customers can tackle their choice of terrain from coast to coast. Browse our collection below for one-of-a-kind sustainability, design, functionality, and safety. Feel free to reach out to our team with any questions about products or specifications.