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Why Electric Trikes Are a Good Choice for Seniors

Why Electric Trikes Are a Good Choice for Seniors

Cycling on two wheels is a very popular hobby and a fun activity for all age ranges. But when you cycle on three wheels, you’re having real fun now! As we age, we face the fear of falling or losing range of motion, and riding a traditional bike can become a challenge. An electric trike might be your answer for experiencing many age-related concerns in conjunction with physical activity.

Let’s look at why electric trikes are a good choice for seniors today!

Uses All Muscle Groups

A trike is an excellent way to increase your heart rate and break a sweat at your own pace. The third wheel allows you to reduce the impact on your knees while receiving the full benefits of a quality workout. This low-impact exercise can help you build strength and stamina in all muscle groups, including your core, legs, and arms.

Stress Reduction

When riding trident recumbent trikes, you’re physically in nature and enjoying a nice day without too much stress. The release of the happy hormones which occurs during physical exercise can combat depression and anxiety, as well as reduce stress. This can give you some much-needed time to slow down and enjoy the moment.

Improved Coordination

As we age, we often forget that we need to continually use muscle groups and skills to maintain and achieve optimal health outcomes. The pedaling process requires various muscle groups to work in tandem. Your hand-eye coordination will help you steer the trike and improve these skills overall with more use. With a TerraTrike rambler, the power assist enables a rider to focus on their coordination while riding with more ease.

Reduces Risk of Disease

Stroke recovery patients can often benefit from riding a trike due to the physical and cardiovascular benefits trikes offer. Exercise, in general, can reduce the overall risk of age-related ailments and decrease the likelihood of obesity and heart disease.

Electric trikes are a good choice for seniors because they provide numerous health benefits through safe, low-impact exercise. Reach out to Voltaire Cycles to discuss the best options for you or your loved one!

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