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2022 Year End Review + Great Questions to ask when purchasing a new eBike!

2022 Year End Review + Great Questions to ask when purchasing a new eBike!

The new year is a fantastic time to change the way you do things! Taking the car is becoming more and more expensive, riding the bike is a viable option to save money.

How is your exercise routine? Why not start communting and combine the two? 

At Voltaire Cycles, we carry everything you need to get on a eBike for 2023! With the high cost of car ownership, an eBike makes more sense to be able to explore Central Oregon and reduce your cost of transportation. 

In 2022, we had over 100,000 people visit our website. As a local bike shop, we shipped across the entire country: eBikes, Locks, helmets!

Locally, we got to help over 1000 people get on quality eBikes!

With a ton of innovation happening in the eBike space, we got to see it first hand, by selling out time and time again of our SENA Bluetooth helmets, so where-ever you ride, you can makes phone calls and listen to your music!

Voltaire Cycles also got the chance to sell iMoving scooters this year in heavy numbers! Our electric scooter line has been selling like crazy mainly the street and the beast.

As 2022 draws to a close, great questions that you should ask yourself about your ebike purchase are:

What does the warranty look like? 

How fast does it go?

What will is the range on this battery?

Does it have a throttle?

What type of riding do I want to be doing with my new eBike? 

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