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UBCO Workbike

Ubco 2x2 Work Bike Exceeds Cranberry Farm Expectations

Chuck Hildreth – November 23, 2023

Ubco 2x2 Work Bike exceeds Cranberry Farm expectations! 


The UBCO Electric Work Bike is well suited for Farms

Farms in general are an exercise in extreme environments for equipment and work vehicles.  Cranberry farms on the south coast of Oregon near the most westerly point in the contiguous United States are constantly barraged with an angry Pacific Ocean often throwing wind and rain near hurricane proportions. 

To combat weather extremities the UBCO Work Bike is extremely robust, not just water resistant, but rated to be submerged.  The two wheel drive provides traction in the extremes, the extra traction is kind to roads and paths, and a extra layer of stopping power provided with regenerative braking complementing the robust hydraulic brakes.  Range is not an issue in which the bike has options of 2.1 kw or 3.1 kw batteries.  Top range is 50 to 80 depending on the battery chosen and terrain. 


Farms are a constant exercise in logistics. 

Farmers are constantly on errands, whether it is a forgotten tool, or balancing irrigation needs.  The UBCO work bike provides a nimble command vehicle for directing and ramrodding work crews spread from one end of the farm to the other.  A huge bonus is how quiet this utility vehicle is.

To assist in the logistical challenges the work bike has large racks and grommet holes through out the frame for custom carry applications. The bike has no drive chain to adjust and maintain, no spark plug to fowl, no gas filters to change, no oil filters, no oil to stock, and dispose of.  The low maintenance requirements of this utility vehicle reduces a significant logistical farm component in itself.

The farmer pictured claims this solution has greatly improved his efforts in day to day duties!

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