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QuietKat Jeep: The Hunting Rig to Make Your Hunt The Best One Yet

QuietKat Jeep: The Hunting Rig to Make Your Hunt The Best One Yet

When QuietKat was founded in 2011, the amount of interest in hunting electric bikes was limited to the technology and also lack of awareness that the hunting sector actually had specific ebikes. 

Now that QuietKat is the leader in the sector, it is important to understand why:

Brands such as Bakcou, which Voltaire Cycles does not carry, offer compelling competition; up until the point that the bikes they offer carry less options for more money. That is why Voltaire Cycles doubled down on QuietKat as a brand. Not only does QuietKat offer incredible brand staying power, value, performance, but they also have great styling that appeals to hunters including RealTree camoflage, killer accessories including gun mounts, trailers, lights, bags, and coolers. 

Beyond the basics capabilities of the 26x4 fat tires, we have found that QuietKat brings even more performance due to their use of the 1000w bafang mid drive motor. 

This motor is powerful, efficient, suitable to each customers needs. Having a throttle action also adds to the places that you can go with your QuietKat.

Being outside, presents with it more opportunities to go and find new adventures.

Out of all the hunting bikes out there, Voltaire Cycles of Central Oregon wants to help you find your next great hunt. 

Come on in to the shop and test ride the Jeep or the Rubicon and we know you won't be displeased. 


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