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Top Ten Recumbent Bikes – Part Two

In our previous article, we discussed the top five recumbent bikes based on their features and performance. This article will now list the next best five recumbent bikes:

Catrike Road

The Catrike Road has been manufactured and developed with complete attention to detail. With features such as shock absorption, anti-squat geometry and a layer of comfort, this ride weighs only 38 pounds. Amazingly designed in electric blue color, this stunning looking trike is undoubtedly one of a kind!

TerraTrike Traveler GT

Terratike’s Traveler GT is a folding trike designed with the aim to provide comfort while retaining quality, for which the company is known for! With ease of carrying anywhere you want, this trike is certainly a game changer in the market. Traveler GT is for people who want a comfortable ride without sacrificing performance and with the ease of carrying it anywhere, without taking up too much space!

Bacchetta Giro 20 ATT

Giro 20’s big brother, Giro 20 ATT manufactured by Bacchetta is designed for the person who craves a perfect all around ride without compromising on any of the recumbent bike specification! Just like other Bacchetta bikes, ATT is also aluminum frame tested and is available at an unbeatable price in the market! Weighing only 28 lbs, this ride is certainly one of the best!

Catrike Expedition Recumbent Trike

A long wheel sport luxury Catrike! Catrike expedition is capable of a high performance ride even with heavy loads for long distances. With 26” rear, 20” front tires, this bike rides through tough terrains and long distances, as well. With stability as one of its great features, and reasonably priced, this bike is perfect for casual riders!

KMX Kompact R Recumbent Trike

KMX Kompact R Trike is for riders who are less than 5 feet tall. Designed for kids, this bike comes with great stability with a wide range of abilities with a low center of gravity. For easy height adjustments, the bike has a sliding boom, which also assists while your child grows in height. Kompact R comes with strong spooked wheels to provide children with a stable journey. With incredible handling features, this is the most preferred ride for children.

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