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Voltaire Cycles is your Rad Power Service Center

Voltaire Cycles is your Rad Power Service Center

Living in Bend has many amazing attributes. One of which is the incredible bicycle infrastructure and the many trails. With that said, it is incredible to see the absolute proliferation of electric bikes replacing car trips. With lots of bike rides comes repair. Though Rad Power does not have a location in Bend, at Voltaire Cycles of Central Oregon, we are proud to service the large fleet that rides within Bend and the Central Oregon area. 

Flat Tires

Flat tires are one of the largest repairs that we work on. We carry all 20x3 and 20x4 and 26x4 tubes and tires for all of your replacement needs. If you do find that you would like us to use existing parts that you have, we would be happy to service your bike for cost of a tube and 30 minutes of labor.

Controller replacement

Controller replacement happens when the "brain" heats up and does not have enough cooling. We perform controller replacements on all Rad Power products. We will call Rad on your behalf and order parts for you and once they arrive, install. Usually takes about an hour to install. 

Motor Replacements

Motor replacements happen when the motor, or motor wiring harness encounters a break or the planetary gears have worn out. These things happen. We can install new motors for usually 1 hour of labor!

Thanks to the Rad community for supporting your local ebike shop!

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