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Top 3 Riding Tips for Operating an Electric Trike

Top 3 Riding Tips for Operating an Electric Trike

As the 19th century bicycling enthusiast and New Yorker Dr. K.K. Doty once noted, “cyclists see considerably more of this beautiful world than any other class of citizens.” Bicyclists of the present day are bound to agree. Riding a bike is a distinct journey—one like no other—offering the opportunity to explore and experience the sensations of life around you.

The current electric bike revolution is changing the cyclist’s journey. New models and fresh features provide a different way of riding to a wider range of individuals. More riders can revel in the sights and sounds of the outside world than ever before—especially on three-wheeled e-trikes. Let’s take a closer look at the top three riding tips for operating an electric trike. With a few considerations and adjustments, you’ll be on your way to becoming a seasoned pro.

Riding Familiarity: Get Accustomed to the Style

Tricycle riding is relatively different from traditional biking, meaning users have to adjust to the mounting, dismounting, and riding style. E-trikes offer a lower center of gravity for stability purposes. This lower seating requires distinct angling of the body when getting on and off the bike. Be sure to hold the brake levels tight to avoid slipping while mounting or dismounting.

Once seated in position, you must familiarize yourself with other differences. This includes the feel of the bike during operation. Traditional bike riders are used to leaning, yet this movement is not necessary on an electric trike. Instead, the goal is to keep each of the three wheels planted steadily on the ground at all times. Then, use the steering function to navigate and turn with ease.

A Wider Footprint: Plan Any Routes Accordingly

Electric trikes provide numerous advantages for enhanced security, stability, and range. All the while, keep in mind that these distinguishable dynamics create a typically larger and wider bike. Essentially, e-trikes take up more space than regular e-bikes. Due to the three-wheeled design, the tricycle has a wider wheelbase with tires on both sides.

As a reference point, consider the width of the trike to be as wide as your shoulders. You’ll need to think carefully as you go about your route in terms of the three-wheel paths. Ride slower on unknown roads and keep your eyes peeled for potential hazards impacting the path of the rear tires.

Practice Turning and Maneuvering: Keep Steady

Curious about another of our top three riding tips for operating an electric trike? Electric tricycles also have a varied turning radius due to their wider wheelbase. Ergo, maneuvering a bigger turning cycle of 180 or 360 degrees is something you must practice to get the hang of. Keep your weight as centered as possible for stable grounding during cornering.

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