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Serial 1 by Harley Davidson - Voltaire Cycles Deep Dive - Why buy a Harley?

Serial 1 by Harley Davidson - Voltaire Cycles Deep Dive - Why buy a Harley?

Serial 1 by Harley Davidson is the US motorcycle manufacturers first foray into the electric bike market. 

With incredible brand reputation for loud, heavy, powerful motorcycles, the serial 1 does the exact opposite - light, quiet, and powerful. All tucked in elegant, smooth and practical ebike.

But why choose a Harley? There is so many ebikes to choose from, this articles points out the reasons that the Harley is a top tier performer in the ebike space, and should not be discounted. 

Who rides a Serial 1 by Harley Davidson?

First, spawning from years of producing heavy loud motor cycles, Serial 1 aims to change the game as far as the type of crowd that would want to ride a Harley. Where typically a loud motor cycle would garner a ton of attention, from theVietnam war vets and brotherhoods on motorcycles, the entire serial 1 product line has iconic lines, matte and gloss finish, the bike can serve the 25-45 year old masses. 

With the step thru design, and a top tube design, there is no reason to not ride one purely based off of aesthetics.

Ride Quality

The main reason Voltaire Cycles of Central Oregon brought Serial 1, as a brand, on to our show room floor was that fact of how easy it is to ride. Serial 1 has brought the Gates Carbon belt drive, combined witht the Brose 250 watt mid drive sets the stage for the simplest, and yet most note worthy electric bike riding experience to date. There is not another bike on Voltaires show room floor that has the ride quality of the Harley. 

The Brose motor is one of the pre-eminent motors of our time. Powerful, quiet. This is only possible because the internal belt drive. This motor is truly a engineering marvel that needs to be experienced to be understood.

In conjunction with the Brose mid drive motor, the enviolo rear hub, made by nuvinci can not be understated. 

The enviolo can give between a 310% to 380% gear ratio, which is a incredible gear ratio, all before you consider that you have unlimited amount of gears to ride on, all shifting for you automatically. 

With all that said, the best reason to get on it, maynot even be the amazing Brose motor or the enviolo automatic rear hub. In the month of November, Serial 1 is taking $1500 dollars off all models! Missing out on one of these incredible bikes, would be a shame. Not sure when another sale like this will be around again. 



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