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Christmas Miracle- The best commuter

Christmas Miracle- The best commuter

Looking for the everyday commuter? One that is reliable? Not a gas guzzler? Helps you get up the hills when you are tired or let’s be honest… so you don’t sweat?

Good news, there’s an option for you. I personally use the Cannondale Tesoro Neo X 3. 


For the past year and a half living in Portland, Oregon I’ve been commuting to work whether it's raining or sunshine out. My stress levels are much lower compared to driving to the Pearl/Downtown district in Portland. I can take safe bike routes and commute over a non-motorized bridge to sightsee along the waterfront to my work place. 

Best part, I don’t have to deal with parking. I arrive and walk my bike inside my building and the only hassle is delayering my jackets. 

The Tesoro Neo X 3 is a 250W with a high speed of 28mph. I never go that fast, my average speed is between 15-20 mph depending on the terrain or if I’m trying to make good time. I rarely want to go “too” fast due to reacting to cars, pedestrians, and other cyclists. 

The cassette is 9 speed and shifts very well to feel like a normal bike. 

There are 4 different modes on the Bose system. ECO,TOUR, SPORT and TURBO. I find myself using TURBO due to rushing from different job sights but I mostly enjoy riding ECO to feel my legs working and get a little exercise between working all day. 

I highly recommend to swing your leg over one of Cannodale's e-bikes. There are different frames, sizes and styles. They have a three year warranty and Voltaire Cycles of Central Oregon does an excellent job  providing maintenance or care to your bike.

In the long run, I’ve saved about $2750.00 of gas money and oil change fees for my truck. That number tends to keep changing because of not using my motorized vehicle. Save some money, help the environment, reduce your stress and anxiety by simply investing in a bike. 

If you have any questions or any comments, please reach out!! 

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