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Light Electric Vehicle Franchise Opens its Doors in Denville NJ

Light Electric Vehicle Franchise Opens its Doors in Denville NJ


Light Electric Vehicle Franchise Opens its Doors in Denville, New Jersey

Denville New Jersey, February 2018. Voltaire Cycles Inc. announces the opening of its first e-mobility franchise located at 21 Broadway in Denville, New Jersey. The new 2700 sq. ft. showroom features electric bikes, electric scooters, and electric skateboards. Franchise owners Chris and Cindy Caiazzo decided upon opening a Voltaire Cycles because it offered the best of all worlds. “After researching other opportunities in the electric bicycle market, we decided that Voltaire Cycles provided the best opportunity to grow and adapt as the industry evolves” says Mr. Caiazzo. 

 Voltaire Cycles Franchises opens in Denville NJVoltaire Cycles Franchises is the first retailer focused exclusively on the retail of light electric vehicles such as e-bikes, e-trikes, and e-scooters. With recent advances in lithium battery technology, personal e-vehicles have captured the attention of Baby Boomers, Millennials, and entrepreneurs.    

“We see this as a golden opportunity” says CEO and co-founder Derek Mithaug. “Light electric vehicles afford Baby Boomers easy access to bicycle trails, trips, and tours.  At the same, these vehicles also attract Millennials who are using them for commuting and social enjoyment.”

E-mobility manufacturers have been hard-pressed to find dedicated sales channels where their products receive the special attention they deserve. Historically, e-mobility products have been placed in big box retailers as novelty or holiday specialty items. Those attitudes have recently changed as an expanding audience of new riders’ demand specialized, reliable service and more selection. This change in perception is why the Voltaire Cycles founders decided to launch their business. “Clearly, people need to feel secure in purchasing an electric bike that may exceed $2,000,” says Jamie Gilson, Chairman of the Board of Directors. “This is one of the main benefits of a retail store. Consumers want diversity, and they also want to touch, ride, and compare different models at different price points.”

Voltaire Cycles Franchise opens in Denville NJ - Voltaire CyclesrporationAlthough the market for e-bikes continues to accelerate at a red-hot pace (U.S. e-bike sales in 2017 doubled previous years’ totals), a shortage of dedicated retailers are preventing more customers for experiencing the technology. Voltaire Cycles Franchises was developed to help combat the bottleneck issue. “Customers are traveling up to 3 hours to visit the Voltaire Cycles Denville franchise” says Mark Baraniak, co-founder of the original parent company The Voltaire Cyclesrporation. “We continue to see and hear from people daily who live outside of our area.”

Entrepreneurs eager to jump into the sustainable energy market have an enormous opportunity with a Voltaire Cycles Franchise. “We’ve done all of the heavy lifting” says Baraniak, “We’ve designed a soup-to-nuts retail store setup that provides new business owners the ultimate blue-print of success. Even if you could devote the next year to studying everything on your own, you’d still be left with trying to guess which tools, which accessories, and which brands would put you into the most profitable situation.”

The franchise company’s goal is to launch 25 units in the next 18 months. “Our company’s training program insures that all franchise owners fulfill the highest level of training and certification. This builds enormous self-confidence in the franchise owner’s abilities to effectively answer questions, troubleshoot issues, and most confidently participate in this new industry”, says Gilson. “There is no pre-requisite for owning a Voltaire Cycles franchise. Entrepreneurs with limited to no background are ideal candidates because they are approaching the new industry free of any biases.”


CONTACT: Jamie Gilson
Communications Department
400 Bloomfield Avenue
Verona, New Jersey  07044
OFFICE: (873) 500-0197 ext. 2

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