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How Does Pedaling Work on an Electric Bike?

How Does Pedaling Work on an Electric Bike?

Riding a traditional bicycle means you cannot move without working the pedals. But once you throw in a motor, battery, and other variables, simple pedaling receives an upgrade. If you’re looking to make the change from a standard bike to an electric bike, we are here to help explain how pedaling works and why this matters when selecting and riding the most suitable e-bike for you.

A Closer Look at Pedal Assist

The pedal assist is a supported operating function that activates the motor upon initial pedaling efforts. This is built into an electric bike and designed to help the rider with smooth pedaling, efficiency, and cruising. Once it kicks in, the rider can expect to feel a slight boost in their pedaling. For many riders, this allows them to take on long-distance rides, avoid fatigue, and prevent muscle aches the next day.

Cadence vs. Torque

For your bike to receive the signal that it’s time to assist your pedaling, there are two sensors that can communicate with the motor—cadence and torque. These two sensor types are responsible for triggering the pedal assist system, but it’s essential to note that a bike will only house one sensor type, not both.

Cadence is a smart sensor that senses when the motor is on and off and adjusts accordingly. A torque sensor picks up on your pedaling intensity and adjusts in proportion to your needs.

Throttle Mode Explained

The throttle feature on an electric bike helps propel the bicycle forward, just like an electric scooter or motorcycle. On an electric bike, the throttle provides power to the motor and is what helps you enjoy your ride without needing to pedal consistently. This is handy when encountering inclines of any degree, paths with varied terrain, or when you need to pass another cyclist on a bike trail.

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