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Common Mistakes When Riding E-Bikes and Ways To Avoid Them

Common Mistakes When Riding E-Bikes and Ways To Avoid Them

Many new e-bike owners will run into a few snafus as they grow comfortable and gain familiarity with the bicycle. The experience would not be as exciting without a few kinks, but sometimes these mistakes can hinder the e-bike's performance. Here, we discuss the most common mistakes we see in new owners and help you avoid them.

Buying the Wrong E-bike for Your Lifestyle

By far, the most common mistake people make is buying an e-bike that does not suit their lifestyle. An example of this would be investing in a mountain e-bike and only commuting to work, or investing in a commuter bike with road tires and attempting to off-road.

You will get the most out of the experience by aligning your e-bike with your lifestyle and riding demands compared to if you mismatch these two. You can avoid this mishap by defining why you want in an e-bike before making the investment, as well as ensuring your vendor is aware of these needs so they can guide you to the most suitable styles.

Not Charging the Battery Properly

It is critical to the battery's health to charge it properly, including the first charge. Review the owner's manual for your e-bike model and carefully follow the instructions for the battery's charge specifications.

Often, users will skip through these measures and damage the battery or degrade its health. Another matter of importance regarding the battery is ensuring it is fully charged before each ride. This can help reduce your risk of experiencing issues while commuting.

Joining Traffic Before Being Comfortable

Electric bikes are generally easier to ride and will cruise at higher speeds than a traditional style bicycle. This is something that makes them unique for users. But a common mistake people make with their e-bikes is not practicing enough before joining traffic.

Practice riding in your neighborhood, at a nearby park, or taking short trips to a nearby errand to gain confidence. Avoid joining high-traffic routes until you are 100 percent comfortable with how the e-bike handles and operates.

Chain Care and Upkeep

The motor and battery will require special care and maintenance, but that's not all. The bike's chain contributes to the overall movement and gear flow, so ensure you take proper care of it. You will have smooth rides with efficient gear shifting, routine chain inspections, and ample lubrication. It's common for people to mistake their shifting issues with a chain failure or misalignment, but usually, this means the chain needs cleaning and lubrication.

Improper Gear Shifting

With all the various elements on an e-bike that add to its uniqueness and allure, it's easy to believe that shifting gears requires something special. It's essential to remember to shift gears as you normally would on a traditional bike and to avoid improper shifting. Let the electric bike's motor assist you and pedal normally to avoid this. The motor, battery, and built-in sensors will understand the shifting demands as you pedal.

Here at Voltaire, we help users every day make the most of their electric bike experience and iron out any kinks as they come. We offer a wide selection of Bianchi electric road bikes and more to users of every experience level. Get out and explore a Bianchi today!

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