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Blue Jay Bikes - The Underdog of the eBike Industry

Blue Jay Bikes - The Underdog of the eBike Industry

Often when people are making bicycle purchasing decisions, they focus on a couple of factors. Price being one. And surprising the other, being color. On the Blue Jay Sport - Color offerings are Army Green, Blue Jay blue, and Classic Black. 

The only reason to bring this up is because of the value proposition that Blue Jay Bikes is bringing to the table. 

At Voltaire Cycles, our staff is constantly looking to add unique, capable and exciting eBikes to our inventory selections, to give you, the customer, a full offering that suits everyone’s needs. 

We chose Blue Jay to add to the roster of our selection because it is indeed one of the more underrated ebike manufacturers in the industry right now. The aesthetic that Bluejay brings to the table is one of elegance, style, sophistication and urban ruggedness. 

Not only that, but the specs on the Bluejay Sport (which we have in stock) give riders options not available on other models. Mainly, the battery and motor drivetrain offer speeds of 28 mph, 5 levels of pedal assists AND an insane 120nm of torque to get you and your gear up any hill. 

For the value, priced at $3995.00, we are hard pressed to find a bike that can deliver all of the same ammenities, while giving the rider epic style points! 

With a 2 year warranty, Blue Jay has been delivering incredible value that is hard to top. 

Currently, the battery on all of their models delivers 620wh or 75 miles of equivalent distance on the most modest amount of pedal assist. 

As a class 3 eBike, you have a top speed of 28mph all the while shifting gracefully with a Shimano Deore 10-speed drivetrain. 

At Voltaire, we love Shimano components and believe that Shimano is delivering some of the best bike parts in the world. One more reason to love the Bluejay.

The sport model comes standard with WTB nano 29x2.1 all-road tires, which can help you navigate the pavement and the trail. But besides having ample power, we love the Bluejay because it has the rack support to fully load 55lbs on the rear rack. That is a lot of groceries!

While the front rack can only load 24lbs, we think that 76lbs total is a lot of cargo.

Front and rear lights are standard on the Bluejay Sport model, one more reason to love this bike!

Adventure awaits you! 

Stop in for a test ride before it’s sold! 

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