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Bianchi eBikes - Turning 137 years of Tradition into Innovation

Bianchi eBikes - Turning 137 years of Tradition into Innovation

Above: The 2022 Bianchi e-omnia FX Type in it's natural environment

Bianchi, is one of the oldest bike brands in the world. With 137 years of innovation, the Italian brand has seen incredible changes and been able to keep up through world wars, economic retractions and supply chain issues. It seems nothing can stop the power of the Bianchi brand. Traditionally only using lugged steel frames to compete in the Tour de France, Bianchi has used innovation to fuel their cutting edge bicycles to out perform the competition in almost every way.

Moving to the next phase, Bianchi's eBikes, Bianchi uses high grade aluminum frames coupled with the german made Bosch motors to go above and beyond as far ride quality goes. As a bike shop veteran, I am constantly surprised by the incredible italian quality and versatility that I have seen Bianchi deliver, time and time again. 

As the ebike space gets more competitive, we are seeing that folks are gravitating from the once inexpensive models, where the low price point feels good, to more quality bikes that will last a lifetime. Bosch, has consistently been delivering 2 years warrantys on all of their batterys and german made mid-drive motors.

But why Bianchi?

Voltaire has sold thousand of eBikes and we keep finding that folks are gravitating toward quality that represents exceptional value. Bianchi continually follows through on what we want to see in a eBike. 

20mph is fast!!!

The Bosch motor delivers 85nm of torque, this equates to 62 ft lbs of torque and 20 mph of top speed! This is incredible and we see time and time again that this will get you up Awbrey Butte. Even though the motor is rated as a class 1 motor with 250 watts, it is hyper efficient and able to handle steep grades and loose terrain. 

Integrated Lights

One of the flagship features that makes Bianchi's eBike line stand out is their integrated front and rear lights. They deliver with italian design: beautifully crafted lines that lend itself to function, aesthetic and perfomance. 


With prices influx due to inflation, skyrocketing consumer demand, these prices on Bianchi's entire eBike line will not stay this way forever. Act now to lock in great season ending prices!







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