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Best Electric Bike Accessories To Consider

Best Electric Bike Accessories To Consider

Decking out your electric bike with accessories that make your rides and life easier is part of the fun of owning one. There are various things you can modify or update, but some of these accessories enhance your commutes. It’s essential to cater the additions to your needs and wants to optimize their purpose and maximize your bike’s usability. Let’s look at some common items people enjoy adding to their e-bike!

Dry Pack

Some people love using their electric bikes as their everyday commuters—especially if they live in locations that have easy access to their primary locations, such as work, the gym, or school. But something that can happen along the way is inclement weather.

Investing in a dry pack is the best way to ensure you’re ready for anything at any commute time. The QuietKat dry pack features a laptop-specific sleeve and helps keep all your electronics and belongings safe and dry. Visit a certified QuietKat dealer to snag yours!

Water Bottle Cage

Another necessary and common accessory is a water bottle cage. These allow you to place your water bottle in a convenient location to use while riding. This is a safer option than carrying water in your dry pack or cargo trailer because it allows you to drink on the move with easy access and motion control.

Bike Lights

Adding lights is not only smart, but it’s safe. For those who use their electric bike at varying times in the day, it’s hard to restrict your rides to daylight hours only. By adding lights, you can ensure you’re visible to motorists and that you can see the ground you’re riding on.

Handlebar Tape

Handlebar tape is an accessory not many remember for their electric bike, but it can create a firmer grip on the handlebars. Adding a new grip to the handlebars can help those who ride their e-bikes on varied terrain or inclement weather. One roll of tape will provide several passes on the bars, and you can retape as necessary.

Mini Tire Pump

A small accessory you can add to your dry pack is a mini tire pump. Because your electric bike houses a motor and battery power, keeping the tires at optimal PSI is vital in ensuring you receive the necessary output from the power sources. When the tires begin to dip low on air, your bike will work harder than it needs to.

To learn more about the best electric bike accessories and modifications, reach out to us at Voltaire Cycles today!

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