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5 Reasons To Invest in an Electric Bike Today

5 Reasons To Invest in an Electric Bike Today

Across the nation, gas prices are reaching all-time highs, and many people are racking their brains for solutions. One way to solve this problem is to invest in an electric bike. Aside from the major cost benefits, there are several other purposes an e-bike can serve in your everyday life.

Let’s dive into the top five reasons to invest in an electric bike today!


In addition to inflation, there is an uptick in the need for eco-conscious alternatives to driving. A significant way to contribute to the cause and reduce your carbon footprint is by purchasing an e-bike. The most efficient car engines still use around 50 miles per gallon, but an electric bike uses the equivalent of 1,000 miles per gallon.


Cost-effectiveness alone is a good reason to invest in an electric bike today. There are a few things to consider, including:

  • Upfront costs
  • Routine maintenance
  • Storage efforts

While you need to keep these things in mind, owning and operating a vehicle is becoming more and more challenging for long-term financial planning. An electric bike can greatly reduce your weekly or monthly expenses over time.

Great for Quick Commutes

E-bikes are a quick way to zip around the city, contributing to their city-friendly nature. It’s often a hassle to sit at a stoplight in traffic, potentially causing you to be late. If you live in a densely populated area or a large city with a quick commute, an electric bike can help you avoid traffic delays.

Easier Than Traditional Bikes

With the pedal assist feature, you don’t have to work as hard to maintain speed with an e-bike. The motor kicks in once you begin pedaling, and the ride is smooth. This excellent feature enables the rider to commute to work, enjoy long trail rides, or run a few quick errands. And while they are easier to ride than traditional bikes, you still benefit from the exercise.

Excellent for Exercise

Electric bikes are a great workout for people of all ages, especially seniors. Even with pedal assist and the help of the motor, you still have to make an effort to pedal the bike and keep a continuous motion while riding. E-bikes take exercise to a new level by providing a more leisurely pace.

Many find that they can ride their electric bike for much longer than a traditional bike. So, if your work or grocery store is within five to 10 miles, you’ll be able to bike to those locations.

Voltaire Cycles features a full lineup of award-winning BESV bikes for sale. Investing in an everyday e-bike can save your wallet and help you enjoy a more eco-conscious and active lifestyle. What are you waiting for? Reach out today!

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