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Thousand Chapter Helmet

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.Have you ever tried a Thousand helmet? If not you have yet to experience the perfect fusion of comfort and safety! Don one of these helmets and you will be riding is style without a care in the world! Not only is this helmet safe and comfy, but it also comes loaded with cool features!

  • MIPS technology for added protection against concussions
  • 30 lumen magnetic taillight with 1 hr runtime solid, 2 hrs flash
  • Multi-use adapter to attach the taillight to your bike
  • Visors in premium finishes to increase your field of vision
  • Secret PopLock for securing your bike helmet with your lock
  • Integrated dial fit system for precise adjustments
  • One-handed magnetic fastener and nylon straps
  • Active ventilation with 8 vents and internal channeling
  • Lightweight helmet at 360g (S), 370g (M), or 410g (L)
  • White shell with rose gold visor and detailing
  • Complies with U.S. CPSC Safety Standard for Bicycle Helmets for Persons Age 5 and Older
  • Certified for CE and CPSC standards for cycling

MIPS is an acronym that stands for multi-directional impact protection system. Try saying that five times fast! This backed-by-science technology protects your head from enduring a life-threatening head injury if you ever happen to take an unexpected spill at certain angles. That’s the benefit of MIPS. Research has shown that most bicycle accidents occur at an angle instead of falling straight down. This lifesaving innovation accounts for that.

It works a little something like this: MIPS helmets are built with a low friction layer that typically sits between the helmet’s padding and the EPS foam layer. This MIPS liner is super discreet and lightweight so cyclists barely even notice that it’s there. In the event of a crash, the brain protection system (BPS) allows your head to make a tiny 10-15mm multidirectional movement inside the helmet to reduce rotational force. That last part is critical.

The result of an angled impact is called rotational force. When your head suddenly hits a hard surface such as pavement, dirt, or even snow, a traumatic brain injury could occur because it’s more sensitive to this type of fall. Severe brain injuries can include bleeding, blurry vision, bruising, and losing consciousness. All riders — from road bikes to mountain bikes — are susceptible to injury. A bicycle helmet constructed with a MIPS brain protection system can save your life.

Many of today’s helmet brands — including names you’ve definitely heard of before like Bontrager to Giro and POC to Specialized — offer at least one helmet model designed with the protective MIPS layer. But how exactly did MIPS come about in the first place?

Let’s pedal down memory lane, shall we?

A researcher at the KTH Royal Institute of Technology in Stockholm, Sweden, by the name of Peter Halldin and a Swedish neurosurgeon named Hans von Holst developed this innovative helmet technology. The research originally began by von Holst in 1996, but it wasn’t until 2001 when the company MIPS AB was launched. In 2007, the first equestrian helmet made with MIPS was introduced. Fast forward to 2019 when the company produced 14.2 million of these MIPS slip planes across 583 helmet models including cycling helmets, mountain bike helmets, and skateboard helmets.

Similar to the Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC) label, all MIPS-certified helmets will have a yellow dot on it. If it doesn’t have the dot, don’t buy it.

The short answer is yes. This really shouldn’t be a hard sell because you only get one brain, right? Keep in mind that all helmets in the US must meet certain CPSC standards before they hit the shelves. Your standard non-MIPS helmet is certainly going to do an excellent job at protecting you. If you need some more convincing, an MIPS helmet goes one step further by offering protection against accidental spills at certain angles (the most common type of fall).

All types of riding, especially more intense types like mountain biking and cycling as well as daily commuting, can benefit from this extra protection. The layer is super lightweight (only 25-45 grams), and all helmets with this technology are designed to be well ventilated despite the additional thin layer.

Don’t take our word for it! There’s a reason why real Thousand riders love and trust their Chapter helmet. We pour over every review to make sure that you’re satisfied with your purchase. Riders will often tell us that their head feels safe and they feel more confident while wearing a Chapter helmet. Other riders appreciate how lightweight our Chapter is while riding. Descriptions including “fits perfectly,” “quality,” “comfortable,” and “bright light” commonly pop up in reviews, too.

We’re blushing over your gushing! We’re constantly trying to evolve our designs to meet the needs of modern riders. So your feedback really does mean a lot to us and supports the process.