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Safebike Flashing Safety Bike Pedals - No Batteries Required

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Safebike Flashing Safety Bike Pedals - No Batteries Required


The life expectancy of each L.E.D. is over 100,000 working hours.

The well being and safety of bike riders is paramount. 
That's why it is so important to include this new L.E.D. flashing pedal as an added safety feature.

The Flashing Pedal needs no batteries. 

Unlike any other lighting system on the market today, the Flashing Pedal is activated automatically by the action of pedaling. 

+ Operates automatically when ridden (fit and forget). 
+ Provides a unique light "signature". 
+ Heavy Duty
+ 6 Ultra Bright LED's
+ 100,000 working hours
+ 1500 feet of visibility
+ 6.5 Oz per pedal
+ 3-3/8 L X 2-3/4 W X 1-1/8" H

It is very difficult to identify a cyclist at night in today's traffic conditions. 
The Safety Pedal provides a Unique Light Signature created by the movement of the pedals. 
The signature is easily identifiable to the motorist and provides information about the cyclist's distance, direction and relative position. 

The Flashing Pedal's principle is to convert mechanical energy into electrical energy from the movement of the pedal spindle. 

This new bike pedal has a patented self-generating energy source, which is transferred to the multiple L.E.D.'s surrounding each pedal. 
The pedals therefore DO NOT REQUIRE BATTERIES and alternately flash bright red L.E.D. lights "as you pedal your bike".