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HP Velotechnik Scorpion fs

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Three-wheeled Rocket
S-Pedelec Scorpion fs 26: Technology from Automotive Construction for Maximum Speed up to 45 km/h

In the promising class of fast electric bikes, HP Velotechniks Scorpion fs 26 S-Pedelec focuses on secure road holding for a multi-track vehicle with chassis technology from the automotive engineering sector. The touring trikes low center of gravity and the good rider support in the ergonomically-designed recumbent seat enable dynamic acceleration.

The low air resistance thanks to the efficient recumbent position extends the rechargeable batterys range, especially at the high assisted speeds of up to 45 km/h reached by the speed pedelecs. At such high speeds, a well-aligned, full-suspension chassis is extremely important.

HP Velotechnik Scorpion FS

The Scorpion fs 26 touring trike is the perfect basic vehicle for powerful motorization and high average speeds of over 25 km/h.

The speed pedelec is driven by a high-performance 500 watt rear wheel hub motor. A 36 V Li-Ion rechargeable battery with a 530 Wh capacity provides a great deal of energy. The recuperation function, which uses the motor as a generator when braking, extends the range through energy recovery. The trike comes with a start assist function as standard, which propels it to a speed of up to 20 km/h at the push of a button without pedaling.

HP Velotechnik Scorpion FS 26

Awarded Trike improved by German TV

EuroBike Award 2012

The S-Pedelec Scorpion fs 26 won the prestigious Eurobike Award 2012 for its particularly innovative design and above-average product quality. The jury of the iF International Design Forum consists of specialized journalists, design-experts and sport scientists. They score among other things efficiency, ergonomics, practical value, weight, safety, environmental compatibility and workmanship.

You dont need Alpine passes, hairpin bends, or luge tracks to enjoy the Scorpion fs 26s impressive ride dynamics. HP Velotechniks agile speed trike demonstrates its strengths on the commute to work or during spontaneous weekend excursions. A glance at the performance data makes it clear: This trike represents ultimate performance and fulfills the highest demands for exclusivity and versatility thanks to the broad range of optional features. Experience yourself by testing the ideal trike for people for whom the everyday is becoming ever more extraordinary.

The S-Pedelec Scorpion fs 26 with driving assistance up to 45 km/h is in countries under EU-law defined as a multilane vehicle. For those vehicles exist other regulations than for usual bicycles.

Size matters

Long wheelbase; clear contours; large, smooth-running wheels; elegantly integrated independent suspension: The dynamic appearance of the Scorpion fs 26 leaves a lasting impression.

Even your first look at the Scorpion fs 26 will get your pulse racing. The powerful 26-inch rear wheel and striking chassis suspension make it unmistakably clear: This speed trike is hungry for asphalt and adrenalin! But the succinct design features also provide impressively stable road holding and make it extremely easy to traverse obstacles.

Scorpion FS

The entire chassis is designed using our No-Squat suspension concept and transmits all of your drive energy to the road without any loss of power. In return, you enjoy complete comfort so that you can lean back and relax while dynamically accelerating, even on rocky roads.

Unfolds pure riding pleasure

With the Scorpion fs 26, HP Velotechnik presents its first full-suspension speed trike with a smooth-running 26-inch rear wheel, which can be folded flat for transportation without the use of tools.

In just a few simple steps, it only takes a minute for you to fold up your Scorpion fs 26 into a space-saving package with dimensions of 123 Ñ 83 Ñ 62 cm. If you remove the wheels as well, the dimensions reduce even further to a compact 93 Ñ 74 Ñ 54 cm. Even with the luggage rack and fenders attached, the Scorpion fs 26 can still be folded up without removing the wheels. And the chain? This rotates around its own axis and otherwise reliably remains where it should be, guided by the flexible chain guard tubes.

Scorpion fs 26 - in nur 60 Sekunden transportbereit gefaltet

The best part: When you unfold the trike, HP Velotechniks unique, self-locking folding hinge enables you to quickly turn your excited anticipation into pure riding pleasure!

Faltgelenk am Dreirad Scorpion fs 26

Double safety: The quick release operated extra strong folding joint features a spring-loaded safety bolt.

Gep_cktr_ger am Liegedreirad Scorpion fs 26

Your luggage will be carried with full suspension. This enables agile driving dynamics and helps protecting your equipment. The stable rack (14 mm tube) for two panniers weighing up to 25 kg has been optimized to withstand the high lateral forces to which trikes are subjected. The panniers are positioned low down with an optimum center of gravity, close to the rider to the side of the rear wheel. The Ortlieb recumbent bags available from bike shops are the ideal accessory and can be individually attached on the left and right. They offer ample storage capacity and improve the aerodynamics of your trike, similarly to a tail fairing.

Dreirad Scorpion fs 26 BodyLink Sitz

The HP Velotechnik seat systems provide an exemplary ergonomic connection at the key interface between the rider and the trike. The anatomically-shaped hard shell BodyLink Seat can be separately adjusted using quick release levers. After loosening the four screws in the center, the seat can be infinitely adjusted to your back length. It can also be completely removed in 15 seconds a practical feature when it is raining or you want to put it in your car.

ErgoMesh Sitz am Dreirad Scorpion fs 26

Alternativly the airy ErgoMesh seat is available in several widths and heights and has anatomically-shaped side cushioning and a practical zipper pocket in the back rest. It is also available in a 5 cm wider version with a 5 cm longer ErgoMesh XL seat or ErgoMesh HS plus seat with an 11 cm higher seat position. The orthopedically impressive seat systems from HP Velotechnik can be removed in 15 seconds using the quick release levers, making them wonderfully interchangeable. A low seat allows a sporty, dynamic ride with maximum tipping stability; a high seat helps you get on and off the trike easily and provides a clear view. In return, a moderate speed must be maintained on tight bends.
Comfortably-positioned, width-adjustable ergo-bars beneath the seat relieve the strain from your wrists and neck muscles. Two handlebar heights available. The steering geometry combines smooth straight-line stability with impressive maneuverability. Maintenance-free, sealed cartridge bearings on the handlebars and self-lubricating rod end bearings on the tie rods. The wheel mounts are positioned in the frame with sturdy, adjustable A-head headsets.

Scorpion fs 26 Tretlagerausleger

Protects your clothes and the chain: The drive unit is largely covered. The special guide tubes made from durable plastic create minimum friction for a quiet ride.
The optional quick frame adjustment with quick release levers can be used to quickly adapt the bike to different leg lengths. By pushing in the boom tube, you can also make your Scorpion fx even more compact for transport.

HP Trikefender Schutzbleche

Functional fenders: The HP Velotechnik trike fenders offer excellent rider protection against spray from the rear and in particular, from the side. The inner surface of the robust, plastic trike fenders is pulled down low. Elegant attachment located on the inside of the fender with height adjustment for tires with widths of up to 50 mm.

Scheibenbremse am Dreirad Scorpion fs 26

The Scorpion has a very safe braking action due to the low center of gravity and the long wheelbase. The standard disc brakes ensure maximum braking power even in bad weather. The front wheels are controlled separately so that you can selectively brake the inner wheel when cornering. Due to HP Velotechnik's sophisticated steering geometry, there is no effect on the steering when braking. On request, we mount mechanically or hydraulically coupled front brakes with one-hand operation and a V-brake on the rear wheel as a parking brake.
Practical to transport: HP Velotechnik has developed open wheel mounts which allow the front wheels to be simply detached together with the brake disc by loosening just one bolt (standard feature).

V-brake am Scorpion fs 26 als Fetstellbremse

By option we offer a V-brake on the rear wheel as parking brake, operated by thumb lever at the handlebar.

Federung des Scorpion fs 26 mit No Squat Design

The adjustable suspension provides maximum ride comfort. Important: The quality of a trikes suspension becomes particularly clear when carrying a great deal of luggage or riding uphill. The Scorpions suspension uses HP Velotechniks tried-and-tested No-Squat suspension concept: The combination of a highly rigid chainstay with the sophisticated positioning of the swingarm pivot, the large ball-bearing-mounted chain roller, and the strut linkage effectively prevents drive forces from triggering the suspension and unpleasant pedal kickback. This enables you to powerfully accelerate at all times.

With the Monarch RL air shock from Rock Shox.the spring stiffness can be simply adjusted to the payload using a shock pump. Equipped with adjustable hydraulic rebound damping and a blockable compression stage, it boasts the best response recorded in our tests.
Optimum for transporting children or going on long trips: Your Scorpion can tow a multi-track trailer weighing up to 40 kg. The trailer hitch developed for the Scorpion by WEBER and HP Velotechnik has a rigid connection plate, which is used to lower the coupling point by 5 cm. This enables the luggage rack to enjoy full suspension without touching the trailer tow bar.

Scorpion plus 26 Detail

Do you offer electric drive assistance? Certainly we do this is another domain of our trikes! Every vehicle from HP Velotechnik can be equiped optionally with an eletric driving assistance. More an more people discover the easy way of riding a trike while sitting absolutely comfortable. The megatrend "E-Bike" is here coming to a peak. The aerodynamic position of the rider is to save energy so your valuable battery capacity can be used for an efficiently extensive riding pleasures. The technic will be integrated without any problems into the chassis. That does not only take effect for the hub motor in the rear wheel, but as well for the control unit at the handlebar and the rechargable battery and as a very special feature you can assemble your trike with a second battery to double the range!
(... more on electrical assists)
Protection against wind and rain: The Streamer front cover from HP Velotechnik keeps your feet warm and your legs dry. The covers angle and height are adjustable. The rain cover can be easily removed using the quick release lever and rolled up for transportation.
The Scorpion fs 26 won in the version as S-Pedelec the prestigious Eurobike Award 2012 for its particularly innovative design and above-average product quality. The jury of the iF International Design Forum consists of specialized journalists, design-experts and sport scientists. They score among other things efficiency, ergonomics, practical value, weight, safety, environmental compatibility and workmanship.