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Falante DELUXE Bicycle Alarm Lock for E-Bikes

by Falante
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Falante DELUXE Bicycle Disc Brake Alarm Lock for E-Bikes

A stealth bicycle rotor lock and alarm. The lock fastens to any bicycle disc rotor preventing the bicycle from being ridden. The cable attachment (also included) secures the bicycle to any fixed object like a telephone pole, parking meter, or tree. Once the bicycle lock is enabled, the user then arms the lock which provides additional security. Should the bike be moved, the alarm will beep as a warning. If the movement continues beyond 5 seconds, the alarm will emit a piercing 110db sound - heard as far as 1/2 mile away.

An affordable theft deterrent in today's world of expensive bikes, e-bikes, and high-end road bikes. This small device fits neatly into pocket, seatbag, pannier, or handlebar bag and provides additional security while shopping, visiting friends, or attending class.

Package includes:

  • 1 pc e-bike or bicyclealarm disc brake lock.
  • 2 pcs brass security key,
  • 1pc lock bag
  • 1pc reminder spring cable (1.2meter)


1. Lock Operation

Press the lock core, it will be locked and you will hear the sound "Du", which means it is coming into the alarming station after 15 seconds. When the lock body is vibrated, it needs 5 seconds to vibrate again then give an alarm. After that it will alarm with every vibrated. Alarm finished in for 35 seconds not to have vibrated, it will return to original alertness. If you use key to slip the butterfly, it will stop alarming.

2. Battery Replacement
When you hear the sound "DU DU DU---", that means the battery is depleted and needs to be replaced. To change batteries, unscrew the two set srews at the bottom of the lock, remove top cover, and remove old batteries. Insert new batteries pahing careful attention to the anode and the cathode sides of the battery. All information is included in directions.