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E-Bike Mirror 801 by Busch & Muller

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E-Bike Mirror 801 by Busch & Muller

Busch & Muller is one of the finest and oldest German Manufacturers for bicycle accessories. The company was originally founded in 1925 in the town of Meinerzhagen on the VolmestraÙe. Today the seat is located on a specially created site on the Bamberg, also in Meinerzhagen making high-end quality bicycle mirrors, lights, and accessories for the discerning cyclist.

The 801 Mirror for E-Bikes plugs into the end of the handlebar and is tightened with an allen bolt. This is one of the most recognized and popular mirrors for speed pedelec e-bikes. The mount pivots on a vertical axis just outside of the handlebar, so that if you get too close to that bus, you know, that bus you're passing on the right and the driver turns into the bus stop? Yeah, that bus! Well, when you hit the bus, or the bus hits you (We don't have to have that debate here. I've got a forum on Google for that.) the mirror can pivot on that vertical axis and is far less likely to be damaged. You just swing it back into its normal position. It will just click into proper alignment. Pretty nifty, I'd say.


The 801 will also pivot when you hit, um, I mean, when the bus hits you. But the simpler mechanism requires you to re-aim the mirror. Takes about 15 seconds.

(#1) is the expander plug for attaching the mirror to the end of the handlebar.
(#2) is where you'll find the head of the allen bolt to tighten the expander plug.
(#3) has a right-hand female thread into which is attached,
(#4) a special bolt with a right-hand male thread at the bottom end, and a left-hand female thread at the top.
(#5) is the mirror's arm with a left-hand thread to enter (#4)
(#6) is a lock nut
(#7) is a rubber collar to make it all look nice

Since there's a right-hand thread as well as a left-hand thread in that stack, if the mirror is bumped from the front or from the rear, it can turn free on its threads. Then you can just tighten it back by hand after a brief chat with the nice bus driver.

The long dimension of these mirrors is 115mm.