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This basket reflects the memorable colors of the Ghanaian countryside. Whether used for small grocery trips, a catch all of small accessories or simply for a fashion statement, these baskets are sure to be a conversation piece. Their usefulness is outweighed only by their exquisite construction and passion with which each artisan crafts these baskets.

The Asungtaba bicycle basket is handwoven in the Northern region of Ghana from a tropical grass called the elephant grass or veta vera. 

Each basket comes with a pair of leather straps.

Measures: 14.5"L x 9.75"W x 9.25"H 

Care of Basket: To reshape: wet your basket (avoid getting the leather wet as it will damage the leather over time), let it sit for a few minutes for it to absorb the water, then shape.  Let dry thoroughly. Avoid prolonged direct sunlight - since all dyes used are mostly from natural sources and without artificial sealants, they will fade over time.