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7mm Mount Nut Driver for Fairings

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Note: we supply one of the bit version as part of every fairing mount purchase.

The 7mm Mount Nut Driver may not be a revolution in nut driving technology, but it's definitely the tool for the job. Easy tightening and loosening makes adjusting band clamps simple and sweat free. Order the bit and mount it in a drill or other 1/4" hex drive tool to make screwing as easy as pressing a button, or order the driver with the handle and get that precision that only hand-tightening assures.


1. Why would I want one of these?
Band clamps have a slot for a screwdriver and a hex for a wrench or a nutdriver. A screwdriver will work, but it can be a bit of a pain with as many turns as it takes to tighten things. Ditto with a wrench. With a nutdriver, though- all of a sudden, things are easy! Really. It completely transforms the experience, and that's why we offer them.

2. Should I get the one with the handle or just the bit?

The one with the handle is good if you are a tool person and you like to collect the right tool for every job. It's very comfortable and makes the job easy. The nutdriver bit is simple, inexpensive, and does the job well. It also has the very nice feature that you can chuck it up in an electric drill and make short work of the installation. We use both around the shop. Both are useful depending on what you are doing.

3. When I buy a fairing, should I order one or the other of these?

We felt a nutdriver bit was such a big improvement in installing fairings that we provide one with every fairing. So, there's no need to get one of those with a fairing, but you might want the handle version. Mostly, we offer these here on the website for all the people out there with fairings from back before when we discovered these things.


  • The Handle version is very nicely made with a comfortable handle, and the heat treated steel shaft is chrome plated. The nut driver bit version is Wera brand, made in Germany. It has a 1/4 inch hex drive, so you can put it in a 1/4 inch drive handle, or chuck it up in your drill. It is a special steel, unplated, but it has some kind of grey finish.
  • We started using Wera tools when we bought some of their hex drive Allen bits. We do a lot of tightening and removing of Allen head bolts in the course of machining all the various parts we make. Most things get attached to a jig at least once in the course of manufacturing. We have a fleet of battery powered drills with various Allen bits in them. What we discovered was that one kind of bit basically didn't wear out- the Wera ones. We're talking tens of thousands of cycles, and all they look like is that they've been polished. So when we found we could get their nut driver bits in bulk for a decent price, it was a no brainer. We are quite confident you will never wear this out no matter how much you abuse it.
  • 7mm hex nut drivers, in either a handle version or a 1/4 inch hex drive bit version.
  • Put the nut driver on the hex drive of the band clamp and tighten or loosen as needed.
  • Works with any 7mm hex drive fastener. Quality stainless band clamps all seem to be 7mm.