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We understand how important your email privacy is to you. We value your patronage and do not want to send anything that you would prefer not receiving. So in the interest of our customers, we do not share your email with anyone at anytime, anywhere. And, to the best of our abilities, we send news, product updates, product recalls, and special store sales.

Naturally, there is a lot happening with sustainable energy and the impact this is having on light electric vehicles. We prepare our news articles carefully and consider the value of the information to you and to our families. If it's something we'd share with our kids and parents, we'll share it with you. 

As a gesture of our gratitude for trusting us with your email, we offer all new subscribers a special discount on any purchase. This discount is good for one purchase and for one customer only. This is our way of saying "thank you" for joining our E-Rider's Club. 

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