September 6, 2019

We value your business and will respond to your request as quickly as possible. 

Due to a substantial increase in traffic volume both online and in our brick-n-mortar Verona NJ store, we are currently experiencing delays in order processing.  If you have recently ordered an item, please know we are committed to fulfilling ALL orders. However, fulfillment for items purchased from August 25th-September 5th are being fulfilled in the order they received. We expect to be caught up with all orders by September 15th. 

If you haven't received your order, and have not received a tracking number for your order, this means your order has not yet been 'fulfilled'. When the order is packaged and labeled, your account will be updated with tracking number OR (if mailed at retail postage rate with no tracking) your account will be updated with an email noting that the item was labeled and shipped on "xx/xx/xxxx" date. Either way, you will receive a notice that your item has been "fulfilled" which means you can expect your item to arrive within 1-4 business days. 

We apologize deeply for the delays in our recent fulfillment services. Due to an unusually high increase in store-orders at our Verona Shop, and online orders, we've had to close operations for several weeks to catch up. We are doing everything possible to meet this new demand short of closing operations completely. We understand that delays in fulfillment are unacceptable and that you may not wish to wait. Therefore we've designed the following below:
If you've recently purchased something form us, and do not want to wait for fulfillment, please email under a separate email with the following in the heading "PLEASE CANCEL ORDER #(your order number)". Provided the order has not physically left the shop, we will pull the order from queue and refund your purchase. 
Thank you for your immense patience. We completely understand that this is unacceptable and have made significant improvements to our operations that will prevent this from occurring again. We are addressing this issue directly by increasing our workforce, and working double shifts around the clock. 

With Humble Apologies,
Voltaire Management