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Franchise Opportunities

Join the e-bike revolution by owning an Voltaire Cycles franchise. The Voltaire Cycles is proud to offer franchise opportunities under the name "Voltaire Cycles". An Voltaire Cycles / Voltaire Cycles franchise provides an extraordinary opportunity to partner with a e-bike leader in a new industry with forecast sales growth in the multi billions over the next 10 years. Last year, U.S. Electric Bike sales increased from 15 million in 2015 to 28 million in 2016 which is a fraction of the market growth happening in Europe - 200 million, and Asia, 300 million. The U.S. market is now catching up to the convenience and economies of small electric vehicle transportation. More e-bikes are sold than any other vehicle in the world.

Please visit our Voltaire Franchises website to read and learn more. The time has never been better! 

The Voltaire Cycles is an e-bike retailer unlike any other. We have created a company that combines both style, vintage appeal, and amazing selection of e-bike products and accessories to attract the widest market possible for this new industry. We did so by paying homage to the honest American values of independence and freedom that inspired the first bicycle and motorcycle visionaries of the early 20th century.

Our brand is made of rough-hewn wood, iron, and spirit. In the U.S. competition among e-bike retailers is  extremely limited with few bicycle dealers willing to invest in the inventory or the service technician support to fully capitalize on substantial demand. Despite limited competition, a handful of e-bike retailers have been overwhelmed with demand for orders, service, and test-rides. Tour companies, travel agencies, municipal parks and recreation departments, police departments, postal and food delivery personnel, college students, senior living communities, beach towns, adventure trails, and more are just a few of the yet unrealized growth available for the smart e-bike franchisee entrepreneur.

Voltaire Cycles Franchise Opportunities

We offer two different types of franchise opportunities. You can choose to own a single unit franchise which allows you to operate your own Voltaire Cycles franchise under the name "Voltaire Cycles" in a protected territory of your choice. We also offer area development franchise for those looking to lock down a larger territory and slowly build a series of Voltaire Cycles locations/territories. For more info please click link below.

Training Program

The Voltaire Cycles offers a comprehensive and hands-on training program in order to ensure that franchisees are 100% equipped with the knowledge, skills and expertise to successfully operate their own center. You do not need any mechanical skill or electrical skill to succeed in our business. Our multi-phase training includes basic bicycle maintenance certification by the leading training provider for bicycle mechanics in the U.S. Our electric bicycle certification course adds another layer of skills and knowledge to troubleshoot and repair any e-bike. when you are finished, you will have the necessary knowledge to manage most every technical issue that might present itself while operating your own Voltaire Cycles Franchise.

We go further than that! Our franchisee training program puts the knowledge and systems of a finely tuned electric bike business machine into your hands so that you can maximize sales, capitalize on demo-ride referrals, build a die-hard loyal customer fan base, and have fun doing so. We've done the hard work for figuring out inventory systems, safety policies, service and warranty policies, insurance coverage, sales opportunities, community outreach, and more. 


Join Us and Be the First to Market in your City

Don't let an opportunity to get in on the ground floor of a multi-billion dollar industry slip past you. You've probably already discovered there are many restaurant franchises, mobile grooming franchises, and home-based franchises selling services. We provide the most unique and proven business model at the foot of an exciting new industry. You can be different, and you can do so successfully while making friends, and having fun. Voltaire Cycles (an Voltaire Cycles branded franchise) is a retail experience that people visit frequently, bringing family, friends, and colleagues. 


This website and the information contained herein does not constitute the offer or sale of a franchise. There are certain states that require the registration of a FDD before the franchiser can advertise or offer the franchise in that state. This franchise may not be registered in all registration states and may not offer franchises to residents of those states or to persons wishing to locate a franchise in those states until compliance guidelines are met. The offer and sale of a franchise can only be made through the delivery and receipt of a Franchise Disclosure Document (FDD).