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About Us

About Us

Voltaire Cycles focuses on new e-mobility technologies that transformes lives - especially those persons with physical limitations and/or disabilities. Voltaire’s first collection of e-powered vehicles were Lithium-Ion powered wheel-chairs, electric scooters, electric-recumbent trikes, and of course - E-Bikes! Demand and interest grew quickly. Within a few months of opening the first shop, we added many other new products to our catalog such as electric skateboards, hover boards, solo-wheels, and off-road-vehicles. 

Voltaire Cycles of Central Oregon is the corporate store of the Voltaire Cycles Franchise brand. The franchise company's premier shop - The Voltaire Cycles -  opened in Verona, New Jersey in 2015. The brand became a franchise in 2017 and has since opened several stores.

With so many rider's adopting more sustainable types of e-vehicles for daily mobility, the need for qualified technicians, replacement parts and accessories, warranty services, and a recommended products offering safer technology and longer ranges is not going to fade out anytime soon. We are moving to e-powered mobility at light-speed. 

If you are interested in learning more about e-mobility franchise opportunities, please visit our franchise page here. 

Voltaire Cycles Shop Interior