Most conventional e-bikes are programmed to stop any power once the bike reaches 20 mph. This can be frustrating, especially if have a nice cadence going and want to see about picking up the pace a bit to get home for the game.

The added weight of the e-bike makes it difficult to maintain a speed of over 20 mph for any significant time. If all e-bike power quits once you reach 20 mph, you'll be stuck pedaling with the extra weight of the e-bike and battery if you want to maintain speeds over 20 mph. For many serious and competitive riders, average riding speeds on flatways can easily exceed 22 mph. 

Speed Pedelecs are now increasing in popularity with both recreational riders and competitive riders because they allow the system to continue "assisting" you even when you surpass 20 mph. Since you must be pedaling and you must be putting in your own energy in order for the motor to "assist" you, this does not violate any U.S. regulations regarding motorized bicycles. 

Most week-end riders will rarely hit 20 mph on a bike unless they are coasting down a steep hill. However, for commuters, competitive riders, and people who would prefer a faster rider, Speed Pedelecs are absolutely the way to go.  Check out our two favorites: the BH Easy Motion Nitro 2018 and the Bulls SixFifty E 2 Street. You will never believe you can go so fast!