Founded out of a garage by a group of passionate riders and friends, Monday Motorbikes is a company that fills a niche space in the electric motorbike sphere. With stylings reminiscent of past and present technology, Monday e-bikes are fun, fast, and sporty. They’re also lightweight, comfortable, and user-friendly for those in the electric mobility community.

At Voltaire Cycles, we believe in innovative e-bike solutions that offer ingenuity and reliability. That's why we carry the best brands and models in the market. As a specialty bicycle shop, we offer a selection of Monday electric motorbikes in our online inventory with ergonomically designed frames and handlebars. Choose from 500 or 750 motor options with street or all-terrain tires to suit your riding preferences. Browse our collection of Monday electric motorbikes today—we ship across the USA. Contact our team with any questions or requests.