Harley, the household brand, has expanded—they offer more than just motorcycles. Buy a Harley electric bike and become part of the brand’s loyal and avid community. The Harley Davidson e-bikes are designed to be ridden in urban settings and make quick work of maneuvering around busy streets and neighborhoods. Commuting with one of these Harley electric bikes is a breeze. We sell traditional frame models as well as step-thru ones, so you can make your choice based on your preferences and comfort. These Harley electric bikes exude the level of style and quality you expect from any piece of Harley-Davidson machinery. The sleek black frames provide a housing for the motor without compromising the bike’s look.

Explore our entire selection of Harley Davidson e-bikes, and if you have any questions about either traditional frame models or step-thrus, reach out to us. We’ll help you find the Harley electric bike you want