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Yamaha eBikes: Bringing the Cycling Experience to the Masses

Yamaha eBikes: Bringing the Cycling Experience to the Masses


Pictured above: the 2022 Moro Pro under the tree for that special someone. 

When I first started working at Voltaire, I had no idea how powerful Yamaha, and their brand really was. Sure, I know they are known for their saxaphones and keyboards and of course their motorcycles, but I had no idea how bionic I could feel by riding one of their bikes. That is the thing, their ride quality feels like a regular bike, not necessarily an ebike. Frankly, many of them are as easy to pedal as a regular pedal bike with 0 assist. When I did turn on the battery, I was surprised by the power and the feel of the eBike experience, it was as if I could go anywhere. Hills, trails, any terrain, it did not matter. I could suddenly have the stamina to go the distance. 

That is truly where Yamaha eBikes stand tall: producing a high quality, decently priced, light weight electric bike. 

Yamaha's product line extends to the mountain, commuter and the gravel segment. 

In such a hyper competitive space such as the electric bike industry, the fact that Yamaha has not only broken in, but also thrived, shows the incredible durability of their brand while also showcasing their design, engineering. Being able to deliver a name brand quality mid drive, 60+ mile range ebike is a lot harder than most people would ever expect.

Yamaha knows the intricasies of manufacuring, marketing and also brand power. When you can listen to your Yamaha bluetooth speaker and also ride your Yamaha electric bike at the same time, it becomes easy to appreciate a company that offers a wildly diverse product offering.

Back to the ebikes. 

The Yamaha Cross Connect, might be my most favorite if I had to pick one at the moment.

With 700c standard roadbike wheels accompanied with shimano hydraulic disc brakes and 160mm rotors. This bike is truly the perfect commuter! 

Yamaha is the ONLY vertically integrated ebike company to produce their motor, frame and battery. 

The more I time I spend riding a Yamaha, the more it makes sense for my lifestyle, staying on a bike longer! I am so proud that I actually have the opportunity to sell these bikes to people, to get them out!

Nothing is worse than wanting to ride your bike, then realizing that the hill by your house is tall, daunting and takes to long to climb. 

From my perspective, that is where I see Yamaha eBikes really shine. Beside the majority of their ebike product line being sub 45+lbs, the value coming out of their engineering department. 

When you are buying a electric bike, one of the first things you should consider is weight. Because Yamaha only uses their propietery mid drive motor, (no heavy hub drive wheel) that is the first place that they are saving weight. Also, it should be noted, that Yamaha is only using A1 hydroformed aluminum, which keeps the bike strong and stable during times of uneven terrain. 

Pictured above: The 2022 Yamaha Wabash RT fully loaded! This bike is next level! The perfect bike packing rig! Incredible build quality. 

Their battery weight is amazing weight performance of 6lbs! 

Weight is clearly an important factor for Yamaha. This is only wild because truly, I don't see any other manufacturers taking this factor into consideration when building a new ebike. Yamaha knows their customers, and they know that to get business and uphold their brand, they need to offer the best warranty in the industry: 3 years on Battery, Motor and lifetime warranty on the frame. 

In closing, if you are looking for a bike that is going to take you 60+ miles while delivering efficient, quiet and powerful mid drive power, the Yamaha Ebike product line is worth taking a look at! 


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