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What's in a Name?

What's in a Name?

To Friends, Customers, Loyalists & Pioneers,

We’ve recently changed the signage on our store from 

Voltaire Cycles to Voltaire Cycles.

We’ve done this to help align both branding and messaging with our sister franchise stores in Denville New Jersey, Denver Colorado, and soon, Manhattan Beach, California and Lincoln, Nebraska. 

Please note, we are STILL the Voltaire Cyclesrporation in body and soul. In fact, we are officially incorporated and registered in New Jersey as The Voltaire Cyclesrporation. 

If you come to our Verona, New Jersey shop for service, test-rides, rentals, or sales, you will find the same people who founded the shop. You can always reach us on our cells, our emails, and by calling the shop at (973) 500-3082.

In the coming months, we will be changing the labeling and titling of our business documents and promotional materials to Voltaire Cycles of Verona, New Jersey. As much as humanly possible, we will communicate these changes to you by messages like "Voltaire Cycles of Verona New Jersey  (a.k.a. The Voltaire Cycles)" or something less tongue-n-cheek. 

The very last changes will be to our email newsletter and our website. We do not want to upset our many partners who have invested time and talent to product reviews and back-links to our website. And we want to be mindful of our carefully cultivated rankings on search engines. The changeover will occur gradually – in stages - and with many announcements of the name change.

For more information about our new name, Voltaire Cycles of Verona, New Jersey, or our franchise business, please check out our franchise company page at

Ride Far, Ride Free, Keep Riding,

Derek Mithaug, co-founder

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