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What You Need To Know Before Buying an Electric Skateboard

What You Need To Know Before Buying an Electric Skateboard

Skater legend Tony Hawk believes that "Skateboarding is an art form, a lifestyle, and a sport." What do you think? Is the globally-celebrated activity that’s reaching uber-heights even more than that? A recreational joy ride? A competitive career? A mode of transportation? However you define it, individuals certainly make the activity an artistic hobby or originative venture that’s entirely their own.

The apex facet of skateboarding is its allowance for complete creativity. There are no set rules, only freedom and control to do with the board as you please. No one person rides the exact same way as another. Each has its own style, its own technique and tricks, and its own brand. But when the world is your ultimate skateboarding canvas, how can you choose the best board for your applications?

When it comes to electric skateboards, the industry isn’t one-size-fits-all. Skaters have a slew of factors to consider—on top of traditional board deliberations, that is. Getting the right one for your needs is key to reaping the full reward of your investment. Needless to say, you shouldn’t take a stake in something to leave it sitting by its lonesome in the garage or racking up dust in a closet. Fortunately, we’ve compiled a general guide on what you need to know before buying an electric skateboard. Here are the fundamentals to keep in mind about esk8s.

Motor and Battery Power: What’s the Speed and Range?

All types of electric skateboards are fairly versatile because of their integral battery power. However, they differ due to their motors and power capacities. When considering the specs of products—especially these sporty types of transit items—you’d think the higher the capacity, the better. But remember that the grander specs tend to come at a price.

Riding Range

Bigger and better is not always best for each person, especially in regard to range. You’ll find yourself compromising on the overall space, functionality, and efficiency of the board.

On one side, it can pay to have a bigger battery capacity and not be a nervous wreck about ongoing mileage. Running out of power on a longer trip is a disaster in the making. Their fundamental design requires fewer charge cycles, with more power upfront.

On the other, you’ll find the consequence of a better battery pack is an increase in weight—and not to mention the cost. The bulk of e-board riders find a moderate riding range the most valuable, but the decision is up to you. The best-case scenario is to eliminate the worry about making it home with enough juice in your pack without paying for extreme or unnecessary specs.

Motor Gear and Wattage

Motor-wise, skaters need to consider the diverse torque and speed parameters. The listed power numbers are more than mere numbers. Think about the comprehensive story of a specific board’s motor and drive system. Most riders seek out a complete system that works smoothly enough to provide adequate performance.

Be sure to check out different reviews or videos from other customers that speak to the nature of a model’s performance, such as acceleration, braking, hill climbing, etc. Getting a complete picture of a system’s potential is ideal when choosing a suitable ride for your applications.

Specialties: Customization and Maintenance

Another aspect of electric skateboards to ponder over is the variety of specialties available. Some riders prefer to build their own or customize their own boards with diverse parts. That being said, board enthusiasts should enter the door of DYI creation at their own risk. That level of tinkering and patience is not for everyone. Certain brands do manufacture more customized options for their customers, if that’s what you would prefer. The ability to customize materials and designs or interchange decks and wheels is what skateboarding as an art form is all about.

However, do keep in mind that boards need to stay safe on the road for you to enjoy. How do you plan to ensure that down the line? Care and maintenance tasks can vary from board to board and from maker to maker. Keeping a board responsive but nimble over time is not the simplest feat. Be aware of the potential work and expense involved if your board is of a customized nature, such as spare parts and support.

Price Determinants: Quality in the Current Market

Curious about what else you need to know before buying an electric skateboard? How about the vitalness of quality and detail? As mentioned above, battery and motor tend to influence the determining price points for e-boards. But you should not overlook the quality of the wheels, bearings, and the board itself. What are you truly getting for your money?

The present-day electric skateboard market is diverse, which has its own advantages and disadvantages. You can find a wide gap between offered prices and comprised materials. Professionally-branded skateboards and parts will offer that refined quality you’re looking for over off-the-shelf components and counterparts.

Remain cognizant about this fact: electric skateboards are skateboards, not merely different parts slapped together to make an innovative transport vessel. Avoid the knockoffs. A company or brand should have experience or expertise in creating skateboards specifically for the consumer market. If you desire less risk of problems after several uses, trustworthy manufacturers are the way to go.

Manufacturers: Reputability and Comprehensive Warranty

Innovative technology and quality manufacturing processes are the benchmarks for premium electric skateboards. For superior execution and usefulness, stick to reputable brands. A solid warranty certifies a good time now and in the future.

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