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What You Need To Know Before Buying an Electric Scooter

What You Need To Know Before Buying an Electric Scooter

Jaunting around town tends to look a bit different these days. Why? The need for alternative personal mobility methods is present now more than ever before. Instead of sitting in automotive machines stuck in traffic jams or wasting fuel on shorter treks, many cleaner options are available for commuters to use. Electric bikes, electric skateboards, and electric scooters top the list to reduce one’s carbon footprint with simultaneous comfort and convenience.

Today, we’re going to look at the superior superstardom of electric scooters. What can an e-scooter do for you? If you’re a stranger to the world of e-scooters, take note that they’re not like the nostalgic kick scooters of your childhood: they’re even better. That said, your ultimate ride experience and quality depend on the scooter you choose. Each has different features, qualities, and functions to consider.

Electric scooters may look fancier than standard models, but there’s a lot you should know before picking one out for yourself. Let’s take a closer look at these next-level mobility prospects of motorized transportation. Here’s what you need to know before buying an electric scooter to get swiftly from point A to point B.

Intent and Purpose: Feature Needs and Looks

You may have seen locals breezing by on different models and thought they looked incredible, but not every e-scooter is the right fit for your lifestyle. While all electric scooters are scooters, each distinctive model has a design that caters to specific purposes or needs. Users must decide their main reason for use and choose features that best suit their intended purpose. Varying features can hold greater interest for one rider over another.

Your typical route and settings hold great weight over your decision. Some scooters are great for carrying goods or cargo, others for off-road terrains or hilly regions, and others for that last-mile transport in urban areas. Some are waterproof for the threat of constant rain, while others aren’t as resistant to wet ground or weather. Small-wheeled scooters are unsuitable for rougher terrains—such as sand or dirt roads—while large-wheeled scooters look ridiculous on smooth city streets and pathways.

Looking cool while on your ride isn’t a top priority, but don’t forget about elegant design features either. A wide array of e-scooter models are sleek and modern, so you won’t appear childish while making your way around. The reigning features people shoot for are lightweight portability and compact folding ability. A light, easy-to-carry foldable e-scooter is the most valuable option available for those who want to tote it on public transport, put it in a trunk, or hide it away in a hallway closet for safekeeping. The ideal scooter is one you can handle and transport comfortably by yourself.

Acceleration and Braking: Main Functional Components

Electric scooters have two main components for functionality: acceleration and braking. Unlike standard kick scooters, the battery-powered motor provides a kick to move steadily and smoothly. Acceleration is possible on varying models via three methods: traditional foot acceleration, wrist acceleration through twisting your handle grip, or thumb acceleration through a throttle or push button on the handlebar.

Conversely, braking on e-scooters is easily achievable through friction. You can either deaccelerate or stop a scooter by applying direct friction via squeezed hand braking, stepping on the rear footbrake, or using torque by switching the motor’s direction for regenerative braking. Again, the function of an electric scooter varies based on the particular model. Your choice depends on the preferred method of reliability.

Battery Check: Charge Capacity and Range

The power of an electric scooter is dependent on the attached battery. The battery life affects how much you will need to charge the scooter. If you travel long distances, you’ll want a range with more miles per charge. Take note: most maximum distances listed by manufacturers are under optimal conditions. Select a battery size with good charging capacity that’s capable of getting you where you need to go—or enough to get to another charging location.

Ride Quality: Threefold Factors of Consideration

Quality matters. What you need to know before buying an electric scooter is how certain factors impact the quality of your ride. When choosing between models, keep three things in mind: wheel size, tire type, and suspension capability. Pros and cons make an appearance when considering these factors. In general, bigger wheels perform better with less vibration, but smaller wheels offer better carrying convenience.

E-scooter tires are available in two varieties: solid or airless. Solid tires, made of polyurethane or rubber, present puncture protection but produce a bumpier ride. Inflated tires provide a softer, smoother ride but require a bit more maintenance. The suspension also plays heavily into ride quality. Electric scooters with these shock absorbers offer greater protection and an overall more enjoyable ride.

Safety First: Speed and Attentiveness

Electric scooters are versatile and enjoyable rides, yet they can also travel faster than a human can run. Know of their speedy hazards. Most adult scooters cruise around approximately 15-20 mph, but others can legally reach 25 mph. Decide what speed is fast enough for you to select a suitable motor size. Safety is of the essence when riding a scooter, not only for yourself but for other commuters or pedestrians around you. Keep in mind that safety depends fundamentally on your surroundings. Stay attentive to the environment at all times when zipping around.

Purchasing: Choose Your Retailer Wisely

Now, are you wondering where to grab a trustworthy electric scooter? You can find stores locally or browse through reliable online retailers to ensure you’re investing in a quality scooter at competitive pricing.

If you’re currently on the hunt for the electric scooter of your dreams, you’ve come to the right place. Here at Voltaire Cycles, we carry a wide selection of top-notch electric scooters for sale online. Our specialty shop strives to provide cycling—and scooting—solutions for any transit needs. We pride ourselves on carrying some of the most remarkable and high-quality brands that bring something truly unique to the table.

Whatever your taste or preference, we offer models for metropolitan commuting, rides of relaxation, or adventure treks for weekend warriors. We’re here to help find the right scooter to provide superior freedom of movement. Peruse our online inventory or give us a call about any brands, models, or technical specifications today.

What You Need To Know Before Buying an Electric Scooter
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