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Ways To Improve the Range of Your Electric Bike

Ways To Improve the Range of Your Electric Bike

You may have heard of the popular notion in days gone by—to always look beyond what you can currently see. Electric-powered transit solutions are one such innovation questioning life’s possibilities. How far can they truly go? What’s the range of their capabilities beyond what we can see? 

Electric bikes are already capable of going more miles than any traditional bike has gone before. That said, their riders will continue to seek out obvious and ambiguous ways to boost up the bike’s total range. Curious about how to supersize the battery’s charge and push it to the limit? We’ve compiled a list of different ways to improve the range of your electric bike. Let’s take a closer look at a few leading strategies.

Test Out Your Bike’s Diverse Capacities

First and foremost, you need to test out a specific bike’s capacity. There’s not one single answer to the possible range question—even by make or motor type or battery size. An e-bike’s manufacturer may state a specific range, but you must be realistic about the number. Keep in mind the variables consistently at play during a ride. Closely consider the terrain, climate conditions, rider or cargo weight, pedaling power, throttle use, etc. Try out diverse cycling and handling strategies to gain a good feel of your bike’s ultimate range.

The leading method to extending your range is simply taking it easy. Try to gravitate towards the lowest mode when possible or turning off pedal-assist when coasting down hills or flat surfaces. The right gear and cadence will prevent extensive energy waste.

Slow Down and Smell the Roses

Besides pedaling at the right times and utilizing less overall throttle, consider your speed. Speed is a significant aspect of power consumption that affects your range. Slowing down—even the littlest bit—is another of the top ways to improve the range of your electric bike.

Following the pattern of driving an automobile, you get better energy economy by traveling at a constant rate versus rapid starting and stopping during a ride. Try to take the best route possible—where you can cycle at a steady, slower speed—and enjoy the sights, sounds, and smells around you.

Start Your Trip Adequately Charged Up

When considering how to enhance your electric bike’s range, you can’t forget the battery charge. If you’re serious about getting every last mile out of your two-wheeler during a ride, charging the battery properly is a necessity. Most lithium-ion batteries work best in consistent charge cycles from 50 percent.

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