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UBCO 2x2 might be the most adventurous trail bike you've never heard of

UBCO 2x2 might be the most adventurous trail bike you've never heard of

With 2 motor power, and a enormous 3.1KW battery, this bike can literally take you wherever you want to go. At Voltaire Cycles, we carefully handselect brands that can broaden the scope of places that our customers can go, all the while bridging the gap of value, weight, performance and great service. 

The 2x2 represents a lot of what we wanted to bring into the shop to broaden our eBike offering. Built in New Zealand, outfitted with 75 miles of range, with 0 gas, 0 emissions and incredible throttle power, the 2x2 will surprise you with how quiet and how capable you will become. 

Besides the incredible power, the UBCO has the capability of fording through rivers while still able to maintain performance and get you to where you want to go. 

With UBCO's most recent Special Edition, the two-tone paint scheme harkins back to military era nostalgia, mixed with 21st era technology, suspension comfort and storage capabilities not previously experienced, all meant to give you a unforgettable ride experience. 330lbs of capacity means that anything you need to bring on your journey's you are now enabled to bring. 

Not only is UBCO pushing the limits with the capabilities with their eBikes, they are also continually developing new battery chemistries to build a consistantly better product. 

Check out their blog here on their research and development for their new products. :

All in all, UBCO is a ground breaking company changing the way that humans get around and opening up new horizons of places to go that you never imagined. 

We encourage that if you are interested in taking a test ride to drop by the shop. Our knowledgeable team is here to help you find the right bike for you!





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