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Top Ten Recumbent Bikes – Part One

Recumbent bikes – the latest biking trend! Chosen for ergonomic reasons, these bikes place the rider in a laid back reclining position with the weight being distributed in a comfortable manner. With the increasing use of these bikes, a number of manufacturers are now producing these bikes for the convenience of people. Here are five of the best recumbent bikes:

ICE Full Fat Recumbent Trike

Manufactured by Inspired Cycle Engineering (ICE), Full Fat Recumbent Trike makes challenging expeditions, fun and enjoyable! With its wide range of features, tough wheels, suspension and components, Full Fat Recumbent Trike rides perfectly over mud, sand, snow, and rough trail – giving greater freedom to the cycler. All trikes are built to order – get your specific trike now!

ICE Sprint X

Best for sporting, this mid height recumbent bike is agile, aerodynamic and easy to ride. With extraordinary suspension, frame type, rear wheel size and components, speed up your journey with this trike! Whether you’re on a weekend tour or want to challenge your limits, this custom built trike is perfect for your journey!

Catrike 5.5.9 Recumbent Trike

Manufactured in its signature color, atomic orange, this trike is certainly one of the best trikes! This foldable trike comes with a 26” rear wheel with an 11” seat. With a relaxed and adjustable seat, Catrike 5.5.9 Recumbent Trike is one of the best recumbent in the market! Explore more with this incredible ride!

Bacchetta Corsa (700C)

Manufactured by Bacchetta, Corsa is one of the most efficient recumbent bikes of the lot! Weighing only 25 lbs, the bike comes with a thoroughly tested Aluminum frame, as well as an evolutionary EuroMesh saddle! These irresistible qualities make this bike worth the investment!

TerraTrike The Rambler

Terratrike’s previous recumbent bike, Rover had been a huge success and many wondered what more can the company come up with. Rambler is the answer! Terratrike’s new model is for riders who want to go farther, faster! The handling and stability is improved with the sleek crossbow design. The chro-moly steel frame absorbs bumps smoothly and provides an extraordinary ride to the bikers! Available in three component levels, this trike is used by casual and serious riders, both.

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