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Tips for Taking Care of Your New Electric Bike

Tips for Taking Care of Your New Electric Bike

After investing in a new electric bike, there are several things you can do to help protect and take care of it for the long haul. While you should always refer to the owner's manual for bike-specific help, you can learn other things, such as safety and protection, from this blog. Here, we discuss some best practices for new e-bike care to help ensure your experience is enjoyable and your bike serves you well.

Always Put Your Safety First

When you're new to your electric bike, it will be easy to let safety slip. It's best to ensure you outfit your new bike with all the necessary safety gear. This may include a helmet, reflective lights or tire pegs, a horn or bell, and any other gear you may like. Electric bikes carry more power than conventional bicycles, so it's vital to accommodate your needs accordingly to safeguard yourself against riding snafus.

Learn Your Balance

An electric bike houses more feature that contribute to the bike's weight and handling. Spend some time practicing getting on and off the bicycle in your driveway, and ensure the seat is at the appropriate height. To help this process, try to manipulate the e-bike in various ways to gain full awareness of its weight and balance demands.

Practice With the Pedal Assist Feature

Don't jump into traffic before practicing with the e-bike's features, specifically the pedal assist. You will want confidence and knowledge when applying pedal assist in various settings. Use your immediate surroundings to learn how to operate this function properly and partner with the owner's manual to ensure precise operations.

Time the Turns

With your new electric bike's various working components and balance demands, you will need to time the turns appropriately. It's best to stop pedaling altogether going into the turn and take your thumb off the throttle if your bike has one. Once you balance yourself, ease your way into the turn and wait until you're straight again before pedaling or throttling.

Defend Your Investment

It's no secret that a Bianchi electric bicycle is an investment, though it's a worthwhile one. Consider supporting and defending your investment with anti-theft accessories. These items can help ward off thieves who may be interested in the bike or its features.

The most common anti-theft accessory is a button-like lock that sounds an alarm if someone tampers with the bike. This is one of the best ways to take care of a new e-bike and protect it long-term.

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