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Tips for Carrying Your Recumbent Trike Safely

Tips for Carrying Your Recumbent Trike Safely

One of the most common questions people ask after buying their tricycle is, "How do I carry it or transport it?" Carrying your new recumbent trike safely and efficiently is essential to owning and enjoying it to its fullest. There are many things to consider, from weight to style to the type of transportation you have. Let's look at a few tips to help you determine your best plan of action!

The Different Carrying Racks Available

Before deciding what is best for your trike excursions, you should know what is available to you. There are various rack styles to choose from, including:

  • Hitch-Mount Rack. Your vehicle will need a 1¼ to 2-inch hitch receiver to securely fasten the rack. They are easy to install and use. A potential downside is the inability to access the trunk.
  • Roof Mount Rack. These are excellent choices if you have various bike styles to transport, like a trike and a bike or a trike and a scooter. A con to these setups is that you have to hoist the tricycle onto the vehicle's roof, which does not work for everyone.
  • Trunk-Mount Rack. Trunk racks are typically less secure but offer more loading and vehicle access flexibility. These mounts fit multiple vehicle shapes, so if you don't have a hitch. This method might be the most suitable.

Choosing the Rack for You

There is a wide range of wheel sizes and frame configurations, and not every mount is suitable for every trike. Additionally, not every vehicle supports any mounting system. Many rear or trunk-mounted racks have designated markings for traditional sportbikes. Finding a rack with a simple design or a hitch mount typically works best for safely carrying a recumbent trike.

Safely Transporting Your Trike

If you have a larger vehicle like a truck or an oversized SUV, most trikes are safe within the trunk space. If you're also transporting a bunch of luggage, opt for the hitch system or roof rack setup.

Remember, the difference between hitch style and roof mount is whether or not your vehicle includes a hitch, or if you can hoist your trike up on the roof. Employ the help of a loved one to ensure safety as you lift your trike.

With these helpful suggestions, you can now transport your trike safely and efficiently. Browse our selection of Trident Trikes for sale, and we can assist in ensuring your rack system is ideal for the trike you choose. Reach out to Voltaire Cycles today to get started!

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