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Things To Know Before Your First E-MTB Adventure

Things To Know Before Your First E-MTB Adventure

As Eleanor Roosevelt once said, “The purpose of life is to live it, to taste experience to the utmost, to reach out eagerly and without fear for newer and richer experience.” Human beings should take risks, explore the unknown, and revel in fresh experiences. Nothing spells out the purpose of life like a newfound adventure.

For outdoor enthusiasts, electric mountain bikes provide the ultimate way to get out into the world. Read on for a list of things to know before your first e-MTB adventure. Good times are just around the bend.

Electric Mountain Bike Basics: Range and Speed

E-MTBs are durably-built electric mountain bikes with boosted power from integrated motors. These types of bicycles are the apex options on the hierarchy of the current e-bike market. With great potential and steely-spined reliability, e-MTBs are the go-to bikes to take off-road trails by storm.

Their appeal is mainly irresistible due to their heightened range, speed, and terrain traversal abilities. They’re perfect for an assortment of thrill-seeking lifestyles. Riders can go further, farther, and faster into the unknown than ever before. This riding experience is unlike any other.

Pedaling Power: Be Prepared for a Challenge

Proper control and handling are other things to know before your first e-MTB adventure. These bikes are not for the lazy. Instead, electric mountain bikes should boost your riding skills and push your abilities to the limits. Nevertheless, newbies exploring challenging terrains can learn to operate their bikes by seizing hold of their power.

Keep in mind that you shouldn’t rely solely on the integrated-assisting gears. E-MTBs are heavier in weight, meaning they work best when pedaled with greater cadence. Hence, the correct pedaling techniques are crucial to support efficient motor function. We’d advise a trial run in an easier setting to familiarize yourself with the bike’s movement needs and overall feel.

Get Familiar With the Design and Interface

Familiarity with e-MTB design is essential before heading out for that initial ride. Be mindful of how design affects performance. Electric mountain bikes have the features of standard mountain bikes, such as advanced suspension systems and fat tires. You'll find that the models available today are relatively compact and intuitive. Yet, they can vary widely in design. You need to invest in one that works superiorly with your riding style, body type, and activity level.

Are you still shopping around? As a specialty bicycle shop, Voltaire Cycles carries an array of trail-tackling e-bikes for sale. Our inventory includes electric mountain bikes from Stealth, a leader in trail bikes offering incredible ranges and speeds. Check out the various specs of different models today, or browse our collection of other e-MTB brands, such as QuietKat or Seven Peaks. The e-bike market is booming—and your next adventure awaits.

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