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The ONYX RCR and CTY - Voltaire Cycles First look

The ONYX RCR and CTY - Voltaire Cycles First look

Onyx, the San Francisco based high power ebike brand has taken the ebike experience to a higher ground.

On the RCR, the bike is accompanied by a 72 volt battery with an estimated 80+ miles of range. Beyond just the killer specs, this ebike seriously delivers on value, design, aesthetic and perfomance. In the world of high power ebikes, buyers can expect to spend anywhere from $7500-$10,000 plus dollars on a high power electric machine. That is where ONYX has really come into the market to recalibrate what customers can expect from a high power machine. At a price point of around $5800 for the RCR, the value is tangible.  

"Face stuck in a smile, and if don't mind a little bit of weight, this is the machine for you".

Karl Schultz - Chief Mechanic Voltaire Cycles of Central Oregon 

Karl is right. The Onyx is a little heavy coming in at a weight around 150 lbs. but with the battery and the burley hub motor delivering an excess of 13,000 watts of power, this bike makes a ton of sense for the 650cc motorcyclist who craves the same type of power at half the weight. 

As far as the CTY goes "sleek design, easy to step on and off, light enough to manuever on and off the bike, with game changing accelleration" continued Karl.

"if you think your Super 73 is fast enough against the Onyx, you will be surprised".

2022 has been a watershed year for electric vehicles and has truly shined a light on the capacity and performance that electric bikes and scooters have. Over the last 5 years, top brands have consolidated to better meet market need. Now we are seeing what people really want to ride, and prices have come down over 80% from even 10 years ago. At Voltaire Cycles we could not be more inspired to help the next generation of ebike riders, ride their ride. 

Come in and take a Onyx for a test ride. 

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