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The Effects of Cold Weather on Electric Bikes

The Effects of Cold Weather on Electric Bikes

True bike enthusiasts don’t let grey skies—and the bitterness of the frigid season—weigh them down. The harshest weather of the year does have the potential to wreak havoc on cycling plans with its cold-weather damages. Nonetheless, you can ride your e-bike year-round, even if others don’t think it’s the most practical or pleasant mode of transportation.

Wondering what to do with your e-bike in the woes of wintertime? Let’s examine closer the main effects of cold weather on electric bikes. Here are a few tips and tricks to keep in mind for peace of mind and safety assurance. Protection from the elements is of the essence.

Temperature Fluctuation: Battery Charge

First and foremost, remember your bike contains numerous electric components. These critical components are especially vulnerable to damage from moisture and freezing temperatures. Cold weather can—and will—shorten the life of your susceptible battery without special care and attention.

Ergo, keeping the li-ion battery stored and charged properly is in your best interest to preserve your investment. To prevent cell damage, always let the battery warm up slowly and avoid using a direct heat source. The top solution? Take the battery inside to warm up naturally, then charge it at an ambient room temperature.

Environmental Conditions: Riding Range

Besides battery care, consider the effects of cold weather on electric bikes and their riding range. The weather undoubtedly affects the all-around performance of the e-bike as it reduces the range and power of the battery. Much like a cell phone’s battery, an e-bike’s battery loses its full charge more quickly in extreme conditions.

Adjust your ride accordingly when seasons change and conditions plummet. Have a battery backup plan prepared if you intend to ride longer distances. You will find that you need to charge up the battery more frequently to enjoy cold-weather cycling to its fullest extent.

Safety Measures: Monitoring Maintenance

Nothing quite says cold weather like the presence of snow, ice, slush, and gritty salt. Riding an electric bike in these circumstances can become dirty and dangerous. Keeping everything clean and maintained is the best safety measure to protect yourself and your bike. To prevent moisture buildup from wintertime effects, clean and dry any sensitive components after use.

Don’t forget that the right gear and bike can make all the difference in your ride. Ready to gear up for the cold snap? You can buy electric bikes online here at Voltaire. As a specialty bike shop, Voltaire Cycles carries a selection of top-choice models from leading brands, including Quietkat, Yamaha, and Seven Peaks. Browse our collection of power-assisted cycling solutions today—or reach out with any questions.

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