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The Best Storage Solutions for Your Electric Bike

The Best Storage Solutions for Your Electric Bike

After you invest in the best e-bike for your travel needs, the question of where you’re going to put it comes into play. It might feel like you can’t store it the same way you do your non-motorized bikes, but some of these storage solutions are similar. It’s essential to give your storage solutions enough thought because storing your bike when not in use can prolong its need for service.

Let’s discuss the best storage solutions for your electric bike to help you find the best setup!

Wall Mount Systems

If there isn’t an obvious location in your home, then a wall-mounted system is best for you. Ensure you find the best hardware and positioning for your bike and space since there are several ways you can incorporate a wall-mounted system. These can come in a variety of setups and save on congestion.

Some of the systems you can find include:

  • Wall-mounted hooks
  • Wall-mounted post
  • Wall-mounted rack

Rack Fixtures

Like a wall-mounted design, a rack fixture comes in various styles and can fit into the space you need. Another key feature of a rack is its ability to store more than one bike, so this is generally one of the best storage solutions for your electric bike when you have a family.

A few ideal rack solutions include:

  • Wall to floor racks – suitable for more than two bikes
  • Freestanding racks – not ideal for confined spaces
  • Floor racks – most convenient for riders of all ages

Consider Your Home’s Space

If your home has an ideal location and space like a garage or fenced yard, a floor rack is best in these areas. They are accessible for all riders in your home and don’t require much lifting or hoisting. If you choose an outdoor space of any kind, always remember to lock your bike to the storage solution.

A wall-hanging solution is the way to go for those without adequate home space. Keep in mind this will require lifting the bike to access the storage hooks. If you enjoy working out, this is a two-fold solution.

A Bike Locker

A bike locker is the most ideal storage solution because it houses more than your bikes and keeps all your accessories in one safe location. Things like your helmet, quick repair kits, and raingear all have a home in a bike locker.

What’s important to remember with a locker setup is the space requirements. If you live in confined quarters and don’t have a yard, this wouldn’t be the best solution for you.

It’s common to jump into storage solutions before investing in the bike because you want to ensure you can house it safely and properly. Now that we covered a few solutions for you, it’s time to browse our selection of BESV bikes for sale. To learn more about storage solutions best for you and how to select the perfect BESV electric bike, get in touch with Voltaire Cycles today!

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