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The Best Places To Ride an Electric Bike

The Best Places To Ride an Electric Bike

To make sure your electric bike experience is fulfilling and engaging, we created this unique list of some of the best places to ride your e-bike. Though some may require you to travel with your e-bike, don’t worry—the distance and adventure are always worth it. Read on to explore the best electric bike-friendly locations!

In the City

Commuting through the city is an incredibly effective way to save on trips to the gas pump and do your part to reduce carbon emissions. If you’re not interested in the city you live in and are looking for a new place to explore, there are a few electric bike-compatible locations to consider.

San Diego

San Diego features one of the most ideal climates and atmospheres. There are over 500 miles of trails and paths to explore by bike, and what’s more, you will probably find more bikes than you will vehicles. You can enjoy a ride to the sandy beaches or explore the lush, hilly, green forests.


Though it often rains in Portland, the place is well known as an electric bike sanctuary. There are over 300 miles of scenic bike paths and trails perfect for one of our electric Bagi Bikes. You can travel light, compact, and make the most out of your bike in the city.

In Nature

Understandably, getting your electric bike into the wild will give you a little more scenery and potentially more opportunities to do other outdoor activities. So when the city isn’t sitting right with your adventurous side, head into the wilderness with your e-bike.

Hiawatha Trail

Hiawatha Trail is one of the country’s most unique locations because it features a lot of hills and curves. Surprisingly, the trail is situated on a historic railroad pass and provides some of the most stunning mountain views that the Idaho and Montana border has to offer.

Mammoth Lakes Trails

Mammoth Lakes Trails are special because it was the first Forest Land to allow the use of electric bicycles. Located in California, Mammoth Trails and Mountain area features a range of terrains and views, so it’s perfect for those who can’t decide where to get the bike out. Because of the wide variety of landscapes, this location tends to be popular with the electric bike community.

There are many places to ride your electric bike and enjoy your time, but some of the best require a little bit of travel. To learn more about electric bikes and riding accommodations, reach out to us at Voltaire Cycles. Our team is ready to help you make the most of your adventures!

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