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The Advantages of an Electric Tricycle Over a Bicycle

The Advantages of an Electric Tricycle Over a Bicycle

You remember that learning to ride a bike wasn’t something that happened overnight. It took practice and some scrapes and bruises from learning the hard way. You may have also used similar modes of transportation that helped you in the run-up to a true bicycle. The tricycle, which features two rear wheels instead of the bicycle’s one, was the traditional first step before a bike with training wheels. Since graduating from your three-wheeler, you probably haven’t ridden one since then.

The advent of the electric tricycle can change that. If you’ve been a lifelong cyclist but are looking for a change, you can consider this. There are some advantages that an e-trike can provide over its two-wheeled counterpart—whether electric or traditional. We’ve laid out a few of those advantages of an electric tricycle over a bicycle for you to consider.

Easier Post-Shop Schleps

One of the benefits of urban living is that you don’t need to load up a gas-guzzling SUV for weekly trips to a big-box grocery store. Instead, you can buy what you need and carry it home, doing your part for the environment and saving on gasoline. If you haven’t noticed, gas prices are on the rise. When carrying groceries by foot gets a little daunting, getting on wheels can come in handy. But maintaining balance on a bicycle with the added freight can be a challenge. Electric tricycles provide a stable ride and often come with a basket in the back for easy, stress-free carrying. Three days’ groceries on three wheels—that’s a good deal.

Safety and Stability

As we age, it’s natural for us to feel a little less sure about our sense of balance—especially on a bike. That shouldn’t interfere with the physical, mental, and spiritual benefits of cycling, though. Don’t retire from pedaling altogether when you can simply transition to a tricycle instead. E-trikes offer a lower center of gravity and more stability than bikes, and that means greater peace of mind. Don’t feel that the third wheel on your e-trike will weigh you down. Because of the pedal assistance, that won’t be an issue. This feature will keep you safe as well.

E-Trikes: A Load off Your Back

Back pain comes to people at any age. It can be from old lingering injuries—back injuries are notorious for their “long tails” of recovery—or recent flare-ups. It can happen to weekend warriors or to people who toil throughout the workweek. One of the advantages of an electric tricycle over a bicycle is that your posture on an e-trike will be far more conducive to riding comfortably without fear of aggravating back injuries.

Find the E-Trike That’s Right for You

As a true specialty bike shop, Voltaire Cycles features electric tricycles alongside its selections of two-wheel e-bikes. We feature e-trikes for sale that will ease your commutes, help you stay active, and allow you to feel safe. Check out our selection today.

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