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SENA Snow Helmets - Tunes While Skiing Powder

SENA Snow Helmets - Tunes While Skiing Powder

The SENA Snow helmet line is making waves. Where your old ski or snowboard adventure needed your ear buds and a helmet, now, you just need your SENA Bluetooth connected snow helmet. 

“Where streamlined design meets streamlined connectivity”.

The Latitude S1 is Sena’s contribution to mountain communication. With a proven Bluetooth communication platform, both speakers and a microphone integrate with the contours of the helmet as to not give you any discomfort from the added communication. 

The Latitude S1 makes communicating with other S1 wearers easy. As well as streaming music, taking call, the Latitude is setting the precedent for a what a smart helmet can do. 

Connecting 4 ways for instant communication: where your crew is on the mountain. 

With .6 mile fluid bluetooth connectivity, this is more than enough space to play and connect!

We have limited stock due to the high demand. Feel free to give us a shout at



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